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Bills GM Brandon Beane gives insight into Von Miller's ACL surgery and what's next in his recovery

Brandon Beane. Buffalo Bills Week 9 practice, November 2, 2022 at One Bills Drive.
Brandon Beane. Buffalo Bills Week 9 practice, November 2, 2022 at One Bills Drive.

Following the announcement Wednesday that Buffalo Bills edge rusher Von Miller would miss the rest of the 2022 season due to ACL surgery, Bills GM Brandon Beane spoke to reporters after practice about Miller's surgery and the timeline ahead.

According to Beane, Miller and the team had stayed consistent with the timeline they outlined immediately after the knee injury on Thanksgiving which was to wait about a week and then re-evaluate.

Beane said in a pool report last week prior to the Thursday night game at New England that even though they placed Miller on IR on Dec. 1, they still expected him to return this season. They reached a conclusion for Miller to get a knee scope and were hoping everything would come back clean.

"We decided last week that he did need a scope. He kind of let it all calm down, and multiple opinions. We sent him to Dallas on Monday (for evaluation and scope)," Beane said. "He had some concern about the looseness of his knee. And so, he – I knew Monday night that this was a real potential, crossing our fingers."

During the scope to clean up the meniscus that was believed to be the extent of the injury, the doctors found Miller had a torn ACL which was not known prior.

"(Doctors) decided that (the knee) would not be stable enough, it would not hold up, and that a full repair was needed," Beane said.

So Miller underwent successful ACL surgery Tuesday afternoon and will miss the remainder of the Bills' season. Miller posted an Instagram video Wednesday, saying "I'll be back" and thanking Bills Mafia for their support this season.

Beane echoed Miller's sentiments.

"He's going to come back, this guy's not hanging it up," Beane said. "He's determined, he was excited when I talked to him last night. Hated that it happened, but he already had his focus on his rehab."

Beane also outlined what's next in Miller's recovery timeline. As soon as Miller is cleared to fly, he will return to Buffalo and be an important leadership voice in the locker room for the stretch run.

The Bills are optimistic Miller's rehab will go well in the offseason and can return to play sometime in the 2023 season.

"I'm a glass half full guy from that standpoint," Beane said. "We think if everything goes well with rehab, we'll have him for most of 2023."

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