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OC Ken Dorsey on Kincaid's role, Bobby Babich details Bills MLB competition | OTA Week 2 Notebook


After a Memorial Day Weekend break, the Bills were back on the practice field Tuesday for week two of OTAs. 

Here are the biggest storylines to know from practice.

How Kincaid fits in Bills' offense

The Bills offense added several new pieces to the offense over the offseason as the team looks to improve on last year's No. 3-ranked scoring team. One of the most-recent additions is rookie TE Dalton Kincaid who is going through OTAs for the first time. 

Kincaid has jumped right into drills and working with the tight end group to learn Buffalo's offense as fast as possible. His work ethic has stuck out to the coaching staff so far.

"I love his approach," Bills offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey said of the first-round pick. "Right now it's been great just coming in eager to learn, eager to just build a foundation more so than anything and I think that's important."

There have been a lot of questions since Kincaid's arrival as to what his role will be, the formations he will play in and how the Bills can maximize his ability. While those storylines will eventually be ironed out, Dorsey explained that the early stages of Kincaid's development is a feeling out process for both sides.

"We have to learn him and he is going to learn us in a lot of ways within the system and within what we can do," Dorsey explained. "That really is to be determined and you won't get a great feel of it as coaches until we really start getting into training camps and games and live actions and those types of things."

As for Kincaid's teammate Dawson Knox, the veteran TE raved about working with the rookie through the first week.

"Honestly one of the biggest things I've been thankful for is just he's a down to earth guy, seems genuine, gets along well with everybody," Knox said.

Knox praised Kincaid's pass-catching ability, describing him as a player with "great hands and great route running ability." The two even compared their college resumes during Tuesday's practice.

"He was telling me today that he had like 16 catches in one game in college. I think that was like my whole senior year. So yeah, very, very impressive, just well rounded," Knox shared.

The potential to have Knox and Kincaid on the field at the same time in 12 personnel is something that Knox believes that the Bills can thrive in.

"I just think the defense has an extra level of trying to figure out what we're gonna do. Sometimes if people bring in two tight ends, they know they're gonna run the ball. But when you got another passing threat like Dalton in the game, we could easily line up four-wide, go split out both of us in the slot and work some matchups against linebackers, against some safeties," he said.

The qualities needed for Bills MLB spot

One of the biggest questions facing the Bills defense in 2023 is who will replace Tremaine Edmunds as the middle linebacker and the player calling out the defensive plays. No decisions have been made as it's only May, but the coaching staff does have in mind qualities they are looking for.

"Making sure that our defense can function through the way the Mike linebacker gets us into a defense, potentially sets a front, sets this, sets that so we can operate at a high level. That's the hardest thing," Bills LB coach Bobby Babich said.

He added: "The other thing, and I believe Sean (McDermott) and Brandon (Beane) have talked about it, is we want football players. We don't care what they look like. We don't care what the measurables are."

Babich said that if a player is able to have the football instincts to make plays and has the knowledge to be able to run the defense in an efficient, effective manner, then it allows them — and the rest of the defense — to play free and fast.

As the process plays over the rest of OTAs and into Training Camp, Babich and the other members defensive coaching staff aren't putting down a hard and fast date on when they want to name a starter. Instead, the time will be focused on getting the players in competition such as A.J. Klein, Tyrel Dodson, Terrell Bernard, Baylon Spector and rookie Dorian Williams an ample amount of reps at the position.

"I think what will happen naturally, is there will be a conclusion at some point – I don't think it's worth setting a date," Babich said. "I don't think that's advantageous for anybody. I think the decision on who will be the day one starter in September, it'll come when it comes."

He said it 

Bills safety Micah Hyde on his mental preparation for the 2023 season:

"You got to have a chip on your shoulder. So for me, almost getting back last year but then having this whole offseason to prepare, I'm excited. I'm 32. What 32 year old comes back after neck surgery and balls out? That's what I'm trying to do," Hyde said.

Check out the Bills as they participate in practice at One Bills Drive on Tuesday, May 30.