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Bills Mafia and Josh Allen help raise $100,000 for Firebaugh High School


Bills Mafia shows once again why they are the best fan base in the NFL.

Bills fans raised over $90,000 dollars for Firebaugh High School through the one-week sale of the gray Firebaugh Eagles throwback hoodies. Josh Allen added a donation to make it an even $100,000 for his former high school.

Allen was seen wearing the hoodie as he strolled into the locker room before the Week 4 game against the Houston Texans. Throughout and after the game there was a frenzy on social media with Bills Mafia asking where they could find this hoodie.

Firebaugh High School didn't make the hoodie anymore, so ADPRO Sports teamed up with the school to have a limited sale that supported Allen's alma mater. In the first 24 hours, 2,500 hoodies were sold. As the sale closed Tuesday night, there were over 4,600 hoodies sold.

"The whole community out here is just buzzing with excitement," Firebaugh High Principal Anthony Catalan told KSEE Sunrise last week. "There's so much pride in the hometown, and that really embodies what Josh means to us, and the entire family means to us. … We're humbled and thankful for all the support that is shown our way. We can't say enough about the Bills Mafia out there, everybody in the Valley and Firebaugh that has helped support this."

Scroll to see the entire sequence of photos as Josh Allen elevates for his iconic Week 5 hurdle against the Kansas City Chiefs.

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