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Bills Today | A look at the AFC playoff standings heading into Monday Night Football

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1. A look at the AFC playoff picture heading into Monday Night Football

With the Bills clinching the AFC East with two weeks left to go, they are guaranteed one of the top four spots in the AFC and a home playoff game. According to the New York Times playoff simulator, it is most likely that the Bills remain the third seed, but they still have a chance to grab the No. 2 seed away from the Steelers. The Bills are currently one game behind the Steelers and do hold the head-to-head tiebreaker over them. So Bills fans, make sure you root for the Cincinnati Bengals tonight when they host Pittsburgh on Monday Night Football.

Below are the current AFC playoff standings before Monday night's game:

  1. Kansas City Chiefs (13-1)
  2. Pittsburgh Steelers (11-2)
  3. Buffalo Bills (11-3)
  4. Tennessee Titans (10-4)
  5. Cleveland Browns (10-4)
  6. Indianapolis Colts (10-4)
  7. Miami Dolphins (9-5)

In the Hunt

  • Baltimore Ravens (9-5)
  • Oakland Raiders (7-7)

2. Devin Singletary: "We're just finding ways to get better"

In their 48-19 win over the Broncos on Saturday, the Bills had one of their best rushing days of the season. The team had a total of 182 rushing yards which is the second-highest output of the season. This was also the second game of the season where both Singletary and Moss both rushed for 60-plus yards. After the game, Singletary talked about the team's performance since the bye week and the great partnership between Josh Allen and Brian Daboll.

"It's just building and building week in and week out, Singletary said. "We're just finding ways to get better and the confidence has been steady building…It's been amazing on both of their parts. Coach Daboll been dialing it up, and Josh has been doing what Josh do. Like I told the guys from the beginning, man, that's our general. He's just been showing us that day in and day out. That's major for us, like I say, to get us going and keep it going. As long as we keep that going, we've got a great chance."

3. Passing the torch

Twenty of the 53 players on the Bills active roster are 25-years old or younger. Those players don't even have a faint memory of when the last time the Bills won the AFC East. There have been so many talented players who have been a part of the Bills organization but never had the chance to experience the accomplishment of a division title. After Saturday's game, Dion Dawkins took the time to give a shout out to the Bills players that came before him and stated this team couldn't have done it without them. 

"The good thing is that everybody who has come before us has a part in this. The guys that are here now learned from guys like Richie [Incognito] and Tyrod [Taylor] and E. Wood and all of those guys that couldn't do what we did, they left their pieces on and they passed what they could on. We grabbed it and we kept going. So, for all those guys, E. Wood, all those old captains, Kyle Williams, all those legends. They are still right here with us because we have all of their knowledge. Everyday week in, week out that we're flooding on our young guys. So, it's a ferris wheel, it just keeps going and keeps going to where we just pass it on and pass it on. And those guys have passed it on to us, and we just took the baton and we're still running."

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