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Bills Today | Allen-Diggs chemistry coming together


1. Allen-Diggs chemistry coming together

As new teammates they didn't have the benefit of getting on-field reps during OTAs or June minicamp due to COVID-19. They also have suited up together in a preseason game for the same reason, but Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs have put in the extra work to establish their on-field relationship knowing they're a critical component in Buffalo's passing game.

"We're just trying to get on the same page now," said Allen. "We missed a lot of reps during OTAs so we're just trying to fast track everything to get as many reps as we can. (Diggs) wants to go full speed every single rep and I think that's how you get better."

Allen went through a similar situation with Cole Beasley last offseason. After signing with the Bills last offseason, Beasley needed core muscle surgery and missed all of the team's spring workouts. Allen put in extra work with Beasley to be ready for the start of the regular season.

"John (Brown) and Cole did the same thing last year," Allen said. "When Cole came back last year it was kind of same thing. He came into training camp and we were just trying to get as many reps as possible, staying after practice getting some throws in and that's what you see with Stef and I think that's just kind of a common denominator for good wideouts in this league. They're willing to go and put in the extra work."

2. Harrison Phillips had surgery on both knees

While it was widely known that Bills DT Harrison Phillips had surgery last fall for a torn ACL suffered in Week 3 against Cincinnati, no one realized how challenging his rehabilitation really was. In a Zoom call with the Buffalo media, Phillips revealed that he had surgery on both of his knees.

"The rehab specifically was grueling, excruciating, long and a crazy process," said Phillips. "A lot of guys have to go through it, but my situation was just a little more unique because I had to have surgery on both of my knees. So for however many sets and reps, you have to do for normal knee, I was having to do double to make sure I did both the knees so that process was long, and I appreciate it so much.

"When you go through an exodus like that it's such a crucial point, because you learn so much about yourself. And now when anything that I go through, whether it was training camp or not getting this play not getting that play. However the production looks there's always the perspective that I'm still healthy and I can still play so how bad can it be?"

Phillips called it a blessing to get through the last 35 days of training camp healthy.

3. Allen listed among 40 most compelling people in NFL writer Bill Barnwell put together a list of the 40 most compelling people in the league and put them in different categories as well.

Josh Allen made the list at No. 24 under the 'Breakout Candidates' category. Here's an excerpt from his assessment of the Bills quarterback.

Now, the expectations are different. I think Buffalo has the best roster in the AFC if you leave quarterbacks out of the equation. Anything short of a division title would be disappointing. If Allen continues to improve and holds up his end of the bargain, he will both silence the doubters and make a ton of money.

The other quarterbacks listed in Barnwell's 'Breakout Candidates' category included Dak Prescott, Drew Lock, Kyler Murray and Taysom Hill.

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