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Bills Today | Benefits of a tight bond between head coach and general manager

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1. Benefits of a tight bond between head coach and general manager

A strong relationship between a head coach and a general manager is crucial for the success of an NFL organization. Here in Buffalo, the bond between Sean McDermott and Brandon Beane is as strong as you can get. Both coming over from the Carolina Panthers, the two men have built up this organization for long term success. McDermott was on the Pat McAfee Show on Friday and talked about how the two work so well together and how it's all about surrounding themselves with the right people. 

"Well, that relationship is an important one," McDermott stated. "And every year you see that relationship fall apart on different teams and for different reasons. So, I think you got to have the right people in those jobs. They have to be aligned philosophically on how they want to do it, support each other and that's what I'm fortunate to have in Brandon Beane. He does a phenomenal job of making my life and my job easier and I hope I help out in a similar way with him. But that's again going back to the people quotient, and I think it just starts with people, but you got to hang together because there's going to be some tough times as you try and build it. We've had some of those tough moments, but our main hope and desire is that we are getting better every year.

2. Josh Norman impressed with the growth of Josh Allen

Josh Norman has been a leader on and off the field during his first year with the Bills. Throughout this season, he has seen the growth of Josh Allen and he is very impressed with the season he put together. Allen was able to improve his completion percentage by 8.3% going from 58.8% in 2019 to 67.1% in 2020. Norman joined CBS Sports HQ on Wednesday and touched on Allen's growth during his third NFL season.

"You could see his growth though," Norman said. "I think that's the biggest thing from how he played years before to now. He has just taken a giant leap into an elite level talent; he really has from where he was drafted in. From seeing that his turnovers and efficiency from years previous to this year, 2020-21. How much he's just developed into an elite star quarterback when you look at the top tiers, you have to put them up there in the first tiers. Just because of his athleticism and how he's able to affect you on the ground and in the air. It's just great how they put weapons around him to be able to utilize his disposal and it's just been great to see him and his growth."

3. Stefon Diggs explains flossing on the sideline back in week 17

Back in December when the Bills played the Dolphins in the regular-season finale, Stefon Diggs had seven receptions for 76 yards but the more memorable moment was when the CBS cameras caught him flossing his teeth on the sideline. Before he knew it, Diggs was trending on social media all for practicing dental hygiene. The Bills wide receiver was on Good Morning Football on Thursday and they made sure to ask him all about it.

"I think we were playing Miami and we weren't playing that much; I think I came out of the game," Diggs recalled. "I had some orange slices at halftime and they never really get caught in my teeth, but they got caught in my teeth a lot that day. And I was just like, man, I need to get this out of my teeth because it was bothering me. You ever had something agitate you or irritate you at work? So, I had to figure out a way to make something work. Yeah, it wasn't one of my best moments, flossing on the sideline. I was just happy that we won as well because my coach wouldn't have been too happy, coach McDermott, if I'm flossing and we lost."

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