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Bills Today | Bills are just scratching the surface of their potential

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1. Bills are just scratching the surface of their potential

The Bills offense has seen a major improvement in production from 2019 to 2020. There are many factors that go into that but a major one is the pairing of Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs. The two players have formed a bond that has built trust and chemistry on and off the football field. Diggs currently leads the NFL in receptions (120) and receiving yards (1,459) and is on pace to become the first veteran player since the 1970 merger to lead the NFL in receiving yards in his first season with a new team. Even with all the stats and records that Diggs has broken, he still believes that there is more greatness to be uncovered for him and this Bills team. 

"I feel like we're somewhat scratching the surface on the potential that we have … I don't know the old Josh; I keep saying that I don't know the past stuff I just know Josh right now," Diggs explained. "He's been playing some high-level football, so as a receiver and him being my guy as well, I just want to give it all I got for him. Make the plays for him, make the hard ones and there's a couple of plays I want back that I wish I could have made for him. But we are just scratching the surface on trying to be great and chasing greatness daily."

Even with all the improvement, Brian Daboll knows you can never be satisfied because it is tough to get a win in the NFL. He appreciates that the players on this Bills team are committed to the process and continue to strive for greatness. 

"Yeah, I think they've got the right idea, we're not where we need to be and you're trying to get better each week," Daboll said. "There's certainly things that we all could've done better last game. We're really focused on our process and committed to trying to be the best versions that we can be. And that's tough. That's a week-to-week deal for all those guys. And it's just good to have a hungry mindset, a growth mindset of trying to improve every day and work at your craft. Those guys certainly do that during the week. They've been pretty consistent with their approach since they've been here together, and that's what you look for is consistency."

2. AFC Playoff Breakdown

The Bills control their destiny when it comes to playoff seeding and with a win or a Steelers loss on Sunday, Buffalo can lock up the No. 2 seed in the AFC. editor Gregg Rosenthal broke down the AFC playoff picture as we head into week 17. He points out the biggest X-factor for the Bills with the playoffs quickly approaching.

2. Buffalo Bills (12-3)

The biggest remaining X-factor in the AFC playoff race is how much the Bills and Steelers value seeding. After another Josh Allen smoke show on Monday night against the Patriots, the Bills are one win (or one Steelers loss) away from clinching the No. 2 spot. So, will they want to play Allen and the rest of their starters for 60 minutes on a short week against Miami? My guess is that the higher seed and the potential of another home game (or two) would be worth the risk of playing Allen. Coach Sean McDermott may also not want to change the team's routine, because no quarterback and no team in the NFL played any better in December.

3. Preparing for both Dolphins quarterbacks

When the Bills played the Dolphins in Week 2, they only had to game plan for one quarterback in Ryan Fitzpatrick. Since rookie Tua Tagovailoa took over the starting job in Week 8, the Dolphins have had a 7-2 record, but head coach Brian Flores has benched him twice - most recently in Week 16. Flores has said that Tagovailoa will start Sunday against the Bills, but Leslie Frazier knows his defense needs to be ready for anything. 

"You go into it, if they've named Tua the starter, you prepare for Tua, but knowing that Fitz could come into the game at any point," Frazier stated. "Just like he has in a reliever's role and really lit a fire under their offense and their team. You have to be aware of that, so you're preparing in some ways for two quarterbacks that are really different in a lot of ways."

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