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Bills Today | Brandon Beane explains the benefits of seeing NFL prospects in-person

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1. Brandon Beane explains the benefits of seeing these NFL prospects in-person

The 2021 NFL Draft is a little over a month away and that means that these college prospects are participating in Pro Days to show off their talents to all 32 teams. This is such a crucial time for all NFL teams to be able to see these players up close so they can make more informed decisions on draft night. Brandon Beane took some time away from the Pro Day circuit and talked to Steve Wyche and Jim Trotter about a variety of things on the Huddle and Flow podcast. This is what Beane had to say about what it's been like to be able to see these prospects in person after not being able to last offseason due to the pandemic.

"It's nice to be able to get off these zooms, which we're all used to now, and we're on now," Beane told Wyche and Trotter. "But it's nice to get back out at these pro days. … It helps our scouts, and it helps the process, especially if you haven't seen these players up close, just how they're built. That's the importance of the combine, you see him walk across the stage, his body type, you get all the measurements, and you get to see him move around at that weight, whatever it is. Because some of these guys are bulking up to get stronger, but maybe they run a slower time. Some guys are trimming down to run a fast 40, but that's really not their real weight. So, it kind of gives you a feel of all that and again, it gets us out of the zoom world and to be in person with some of these with these players and prospects or their coaches and staff. It just it really helps you answer where you've got them on your draft board as we close into the draft next month."

2. GMFB answered what a Josh Allen mega-deal mean for the Buffalo Bills?

Good Morning Football started off their show on Thursday talking about the Bills and their future with Josh Allen as their quarterback. Aditi Kinkhabwala posed the question, what would a Josh Allen mega-deal mean for the Bills? Nate Burleson responded by saying that a deal like this would mean the Bills were securing their future.

"When you're paying anybody, especially your quarterback, you have to figure out what the investment is," Burleson said. "If you look at it like investing in a property, or a startup company or even stocks, one, you have to look at the product itself, then where it's trending and the room for growth. If you're looking at the room for growth for Josh Allen, he's just getting started. It's just scratching the surface that. He's at the very beginning, I'm talking about the infancy stages of his career. So, if his career continues to trend in the same direction, he's going to be the best quarterback in the NFL in no time. So, if that is indeed the case, yes, you break the bank and you do it without blinking."

3. gave the Bills this grade for their offseason trade writer Marc Sessler released his report card for all the trades that have gone down so far this offseason. Earlier this month, the Bills traded tight end Lee Smith to the Atlanta Falcons for a 2022 seventh round pick. Sessler gave both teams a B for the trade.

Buffalo Bills

RECEIVED: 2022 seventh rounder

Atlanta Falcons


Buffalo's grade: B

Atlanta's grade: B

Is it me, or was Lee Smith on the Bills for 19 seasons? Fact-check: It was actually six, with another four in Oakland. For his troubles -- 64 receptions over the past decade -- he's been airmailed to Atlanta. A classic run-blocking tight end forged in the fires of old, Smith will do his thing while the Falcons leave flashier moments to Hayden Hurst.

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