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Bills Today | Buffalo is 1 of 5 NFL teams to achieve this feat


1. Buffalo is 1 of 5 NFL teams to achieve this feat

The Bills are 6-2 heading into Week 10 after being 6-10 in 2018. Buffalo is one of five teams to match or surpass their win total in 2018. The four other teams who have matched or gone past their win total from last season — Arizona, San Francisco, Oakland and Green Bay. Quarterback Josh Allen commented on the difference in his team from this year compared to last.

"We know what we are, as far as record goes," Allen said. "We know we haven't played as well as we can, but to his [Micah Hyde] point it's a complete 180 from last year, night and day. Expectations that we have for our self are so much higher than anybody else, any of the media, any of you guys. Our expectations, our standards are put forth so high that being 6-2, yeah it's great, but no I don't think any 6-2 team has been in the playoffs just by being 6-2. You know, so we got to continue to work hard and continue to find ways to win football games and it comes out, it comes down to really how we practice how to prepare for a game and then how we go and execute."

With a win over the Browns the Bills would improve to 7-2 on the season, which would be the best start through nine games since 1993. A win would also make their away record 4-0. That would be the best start on the road since 1965.

2. Corey Liuget on the Bills defense: They're physical

Buffalo’s newest defensive lineman Corey Liuget had his first practice on Wednesday. Liuget is a former first rounder who was drafted by the Chargers in 2011. Liuget spent most of his career with the Chargers until he became a free agent after 2018. The lineman was with Oakland for a short period of time before being picked up by the Bills. Liuget is looking forward to uncovering a new playbook.

"I have to forget everything I learned in Oakland two months ago and learn everything here," Liuget said. "Terminology, players, scheme. I have to reset my whole clock. For me, it's not going to be hard, I can pick up on it like that. It's something that I'm looking forward to, it's a challenge."

After his first practice with the third-ranked defense, Liuget was impressed by their physicality.

"They're physical and they're going to run to the ball," Liuget said. "That's the one thing that you are always going to hear from the sideline and then you can hear the players just running to the ball and their trying to get turnovers too. That's important as a defense, running to the ball and getting turnovers."

3. SB Nation makes this bold prediction for the 2019 Bills

SB Nation wrote an article detailing four predictions for the second half of the 2019 season. One of their predictions is the Bills will win their first playoff game in more than 30 years

Buffalo's defense has been a monster, even if the Eagles gashed it for a season-high 31 points (in Orchard Park, no less!). Even so, the team still ranks third in the league when it comes to yards allowed per play at 4.8, behind only undefeated San Francisco and New England. Teams that rank in the top five in that metric and make it to the postseason have gone 11-9 in the playoffs over the past four years. Blake Bortles and Brock Osweiler each won playoff games behind swarming defenses.

Allen, for all his struggles, has the wheels to make the Bills dangerous enough to topple a flawed opponent — like the Ravens, Texans, or Colts, any of which they might face in a wild card matchup. He's also flanked by a potent running game behind ageless Frank Gore and rookie Devin Singletary. They could carry the offense to just enough points, and that'd allow the Buffalo defense to push this junked-down racecar over the finish line and into the playoffs' second weekend. — Christian D'Andrea

The Bills last won a playoff game in December 30, 1995 against the Miami Dolphins 37-22.

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