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Bills Today: Buffalo makes a big jump in this week's power rankings


1. Buffalo makes a big jump in this week's power rankings

Heading into Week 3 undefeated, the Bills continue to climb the latter in several different power rankings.’s power rankings has the Bills at No. 12 after being No. 17 last week.

For the second straight week, the Bills came to the Meadowlands and throttled the home offense. My favorite stat from the 28-14 win over the Giants comes from ESPN's Marcel Louis-Jacques, who noted that only three of the Giants12 drives spanned more than six plays. That's called having your way with an opponent. The Bills took control of the game with three consecutive touchdown drives spanning the first and second quarters. Unlike his sloppy start and strong close against the Jets in the opener. Josh Allen delivered a strong, consistent performance, picking on the Giants weak secondary for his second straight game of more than 250 yards passing. Allen spread the ball around to eight different receivers and avoided making the mental errors that have held him back in the past. Get excited, Bills fans. This season could be fun

Here is how the Bills have trended upwards across rankings from Week 2 to Week 3:

ESPN: 22 to 15

Yahoo: 19 to 9

USA Today: 20 to 10

Washington Post: 19 to 10

CBS Sports: 16 to 10

2. WR Cole Beasley says offensive line doesn't get enough credit

Looking back at Sunday's win against the Giants, wide receiver Cole Beasley joined One Bills Live to discuss his thoughts on how the offense attacked early.

"We just wanted to start fast, that's something we didn't do the previous week," Beasley said comparing the win to Week 1's fourth quarter comeback. "We obviously wanted to improve and I think we did a lot better job of getting it going early."

Putting a combined 45 points on the scoreboard to start the season, Beasley thinks Buffalo's athletic offensive line has played a big part in the team's ability to reach the red zone.

"They're doing a great job and they lead the charge," Beasley said. "We only go as they go. They know that and we know that. They don't get the credit but they should. All the guys who are getting in the end zone usually get all the credit in the media, but those guys lead the way and we are just following them down there."

The Bills are currently tied for first in the league in red zone touchdown percentage, scoring on all five trips to the red zone. Even with the success the offense has seen, the team knows it needs to fine tune the little things.

"Just two games in, we had a lot of turnovers in the first one," Beasley said. "We did a better job of that in game two. Like I said, the penalties in the second half of the previous game we just played. Really just cleaning it up and as long as we execute the stuff that we do, we will be fine. We just have to do better with staying on track."

Through two regular season games, it's easy to see the chemistry Beasley and quarterback Josh Allen have built.

"I love playing with him," Beasley said with a smile. "The guy can extend plays and as a receiver you love that because you have more and more time to get open. We have to do a better job than we have in these past two games getting open for him."

3.'s Marc Sessler believes the Bills have legitimate playoff hopes's Marc Sessler writes a weekly column about his thoughts around the league. Ahead of the Bills home opener, Sessler gave praise to Buffalo's 2-0 start.

The Bills walked into MetLife Stadium and torched the place to terra firma, opening 2-0 on the road for the first time in franchise history. You can bash these merits by dismissing the Giants and Jets as suspect operations, but I'd point to Buffalo's makeup: One of the game's top defenses armed with an early Defensive Rookie of the Year candidate in first-rounder Ed Oliver, who coaxed a trance-state Eli into a batted pass late in the second quarter that wound up being picked off, killing a scoring chance for New York in Buffalo territory.

Sessler said quarterback Josh Allen showed the improvement you want to see out of a second-year quarterback in Week 2.

Allen is far from crystal clean. He spat out four turnovers against the Jets, but showed resiliency as Buffalo put up 17 unanswered points for the win. On Sunday, the quarterback displayed the brand of progress you hope for in a second-year passer, eschewing the desire to scramble in favor of finding targets John Brown and Cole Beasley in space. Coach Sean McDermott has worked seamlessly with defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier and offensive play-caller Brian Daboll to milk the most out of a roster light on stars but heavy on crush-you-into-salt cohesiveness.

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