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Bills Today: CBS Sports' Adam Schein makes a bold prediction for today's game


1. CBS Sports' Adam Schein makes a bold prediction for today's game

Eli Manning might have to watch out today, it could be the last game he plays in the NFL.

CBS Sports' Adam Schein predicted it on his show.

"This game has 23-6 Buffalo written all over it," Schein said. "They're going to smash the Giants. They're going to smother the Giants. I think that Sean McDermott's defense will end the career of Eli Manning coming up on Sunday."

Waiting in the wings is Giants first-round selection Daniel Jones at quarterback. On Wednesday, head coach Sean McDermott said the Bills will be prepared for either quarterback.

"This week will be no different. I don't anticipate it will be any different in knowing and preparing for the skill set of both, but we will be putting most of our time into the number one quarterback," McDermott said.

2. B/R | Time to hop on the bandwagon?

If you don't already have your seat aboard the Buffalo Bills bandwagon, now may be the time to hop on according to Bleacher Report.

Bleacher Report named the Bills one of four teams to hop on the bandwagon for before it's too late.

These teams are well-known to their fanbases and hardcore NFL followers, but they're about to catch some major attention in the national spotlight after hinting at big things for the rest of the season.

The Bills don't need any help in the bandwagon department because of the already rabid support from the fanbase, writes Chris Roling.

Roling cites Josh Allen and his "gunslinger mentality," his two new weapons John Brown and Cole Beasley and the play of Devin Singletary as reasons to jump on. The Bills defense also held the Jets to an average of 3.2 yards on the ground and 4.3 yards per pass attempt last Sunday.

Already winners in a road divisional game and with two games remaining against Miami—as well as Cincinnati, the New York Giants, Cleveland and Denver—if the Bills use Singletary right, they might be showing early signs of making their second playoff appearance since 1999.

3. How do the Giants view the Bills?

New York Giants radio color analyst and two-time Super Bowl champion Carl Banks appeared on One Bills Live this Friday to preview the matchup between the Giants and the Bills.

Banks detailed the Giants weaknesses with injuries to their top three wide receivers and just how dangerous Saquon Barkley can be. Key to stopping Barkley will be the highly respected Bills defense.

"They can't stop talking enough about the physicality of the defense and the different looks that they give. Nate Solder has spoken glowingly and with high regard for the Bills defense because he played it when he was in New England. I don't think there is any element of them not taking the Bills seriously as a good defense," Banks said.

"Offensively you look at the quarterback and he does a lot of good things, he's a threat with his legs, he's got one of the biggest arms in the league," Banks said. "He's got two really good running backs and a good offensive scheme. They have plays that are zone beaters and man-to-man beaters and they execute them really well."

Seems like the Giants will have all they can handle on both sides of the ball today.

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