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Bills Today | Devin Singletary is ready to roll into year two


1. How Singletary feels coming into his second year in the NFL

With zero preseason games, Thursday's scrimmage was the team's biggest opportunity to mimic some true game day conditions. Second year running back Devin Singletary feels ready to start the season despite the not having a full compliment of preseason games this summer.

"I feel really prepared," Singletary stated. "I feel like we had a great schedule this training camp, trying to help with not having preseason games. I feel great, I feel in shape, so I just have to keep taking it day by day and be ready for game one."

Singletary is coming into this season ready to show that he can be the team's feature back. Singletary is excited to see what his second year in the league brings as he has a better understanding of the game and things have started to slow down for him. 

"It's a lot better for me, and the game has slowed down a lot for me," Singletary said. "My body feels way better than it did last year around this time, so I'm ready to see what year two brings."

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2. Singletary and Moss feed off each other

As a rookie, Devin Singletary had one of the best mentors in Frank Gore. With Gore leaving in free agency, Singletary has to take what he has learned and apply it on the field and in the locker room. He now has the opportunity to be a mentor and pass his knowledge and advice onto this year's rookie running back Zack Moss. The two Bills running backs complement each other well and are looking to feed off one another's energy this upcoming season. 

"We are getting a great feel for each other from what we like, and what we don't like." Singletary explained." For the most part, it has been on point all training camp. We should be hitting all cylinders in the right direction, so I think it's been going good for us."

"We are feeding off each other's energy," Singletary added. "He'll make a big play, I'll make a big play, whatever that may be to help the team win."

Singletary and Moss performed very well in yesterday's scrimmage. They each had two big plays that moved the chains, one on the ground and one reception. Moss showed off his tough and physical running style on one play when he burst out of the hole and barreled over Dean Marlowe. The pair of running backs also caught some balls out of the backfield for some big gains, one of those being a 14-yard touchdown reception by Singletary.

3. Hughes to miss Bills Mafia bringing the noise on Sundays in-stadium

The Bills defense was productive during the team scrimmage yesterday. Siran Neal intercepted a pass off the hands of Gabriel Davis. The defensive line showed up too, they recorded multiple sacks against the first and second team offense and put a lot of pressure on the quarterbacks. One of those sacks came from veteran defensive end Jerry Hughes. This will be his eighth season with the team, and he noticed the difference around the stadium without the fans there. 

"It was a little different coming out here in our stadium and it not be filled the way has been in past years." Hughes elaborated. "I think Coach [McDermott] did a great job of trying to simulate the crowd noise so that it would force us to communicate more effectively on both sides of the ball. I was telling some of the new guys, free agents, and the young guys that nothing compares to when you have Bills Mafia in that stadium. It's different on Sundays when it's third down and I can't hear the person to my left, who is talking two inches from my ear. There's no comparison to that but we did a good job of trying to simulate the energy and the electric feeling that the fans bring into the stadium throughout the game. I don't think we'll ever get anything close to that feeling because the fan interaction here has been at the top level, as far as around the league."

Coach McDermott weighed in on the home field advantage situation as some teams might have fans at the games while other teams might not. As of now, the Bills won't have fans for their first two home games but Buffalo's first road opponent, the Miami Dolphins will. The Dolphins announced that they will allow up to 13,000 fans for their home opener on September 20th. When asked about losing that competitive balance, and the Dolphins gaining a home-field advantage, McDermott said it wasn't a big concern of his. 

"It's not really a concern of mine," McDermott explained. "I was asked the question [the other day], and again we'd like to see everything be level. Obviously, in this case, it may not be level and we just need to control what we can control and it's not a concern of mine. What I need to be concerned about are the things that we can control, and that starts with us."

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