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Bills Today | Dion Dawkins had his best season yet


1. Dion Dawkins had his best season yet

As the Bills look to fortify their offensive line this offseason, there's one offensive linemen they're extremely confident in at his current position. At left tackle, Dion Dawkins just finished his best season as a pro says Sean McDermott.

"I think Dion's in a pretty good spot right now and really thought he has his best season as a pro," McDermott said. "So we're looking forward to seeing what he's doing this offseason and waiting for him to build upon that this year."

Dawkins started every game on Josh Allen's blindside. Dawkins along with Quinton Spain, Mitch Morse and Jon Feliciano were consistent up front as the starters but prior to the season there was uncertainty with so many new pieces brought in and new offensive line coach Bobby Johnson.

"I was encouraged by the progress and improvement from my year two to year three as a head coach," McDermott said of his offensive line. "I think the best part about it is those guys know that and they'd be the first to tell you that."

McDermott stresses team culture and felt a change in the "DNA" that players brought to the room this year. The offensive line was tougher and is certainly trending in the right direction, says McDermott.

2. Beane and McDermott are focusing on their jobs not CBA talks

The NFL is currently discussing a new collective bargaining agreement between the NFL owners and the players union. Certain proposals that have been mentioned include the possibility of moving to a 17-game season in 2021 and increasing the players' share of league revenue.

"At the end of the day, those things will get settled and rectified at a much higher pay grade than I have," Sean McDermott said. "Once those decisions are made, I'll evaluate it more once I know what we're looking at it for the season. But between now and then I don't spend too much of my time on those areas."

Brandon Beane gave a similar answer as how it currently effects his job.

"It's really above my pay grade in a lot of ways," Beane said. "I understand pros and cons to all of it. I know it's one of those things that I don't have a vote on it. Whatever they decide and figure out, we'll go with."

Beane and owners Terry and Kim Pegula have had conversations about the CBA.

"We have conversations, but it's never been a hardcore 'what would you do if you were us'," Beane said. "Just sidebar conversations or over dinner. Nothing of late. I think like us, they're curious from their seat about what will transpire."

3. Bills had conversations with this free agent cornerback

The Bills had talks with former Carolina Panthers tight end Greg Olsen but he decided to sign with the Seattle Seahawks earlier this month. Cornerback Josh Norman, who was recently released by the Washington Redskins and once played for the Carolina Panthers, is now on the free agent market looking for a new team.

Norman has connections to Brandon Beane and Sean McDermott from Carolina when they were all with the team. Norman was drafted with Beane in the front office and became an All-Pro with McDermott as his defensive coordinator.

Some analysts believe Buffalo has a need for a cornerback this offseason. 

Right now, nothing is imminent with Norman according to Beane.

"We have looked into him and even talked to him," Beane said. "Nothing more than that. I'm sure he may have some other teams that he's looking at beyond Buffalo. Probably a similar situation to Greg Olsen, he's in a spot where he'll be able to choose where he wants to go. I don't know what his plan will be of whether we'll come to any type of agreement."

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