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Bills Today | Draft needs for each AFC East team


1. Draft needs for each AFC East team according to

With the 2019 season wrapped up and all eyes on the 2020 NFL Combine,’s Dan Parr broke down the needs of each NFL team after the 2019 season. Parr provided a solution as to how each team can upgrade their rosters in the upcoming draft. Here's how predicts it all to shake out for the AFC East.

Patriots 2019 record: 12-4 / No. 23 pick in first round

Biggest needs: OL, pass catcher, S

While commercial-teasing tweets send hearts racing across the country, we're still going to operate with the expectation that Tom Brady will be the Patriots' QB next season. That leaves the O-line (top starter Joe Thuney's deal is up), WR/TE (a source of constant frustration in 2019) and safety (Devin McCourty is a pending free agent while Patrick Chung is entering his mid-30s) as the top areas of need.

Bills 2019 record: 10-6 / No. 22 pick in first round

Biggest needs: WR, DE, OL

Leading the to-do list is adding more receiving options for Josh Allen, who'd benefit from having a big outside target who can reel in throws that might not be right on the money. Brandon Beane might need to add more pass rush and interior O-linemen, as well, with Quinton Spain, Shaq Lawson and Jordan Phillips among the Bills' pending free agents.

Jets 2019 record: 7-9 / No. 11 pick in first round

Biggest needs: OL, edge rusher, CB

The Jets should be prime players in the WR market, as well, if they are unable to re-sign Robby Anderson, but as of today, there are few needs more glaring league-wide than the offensive line for Gang Green. If Joe Douglas ends up on the wrong side of an early OL run, perhaps he ends up drafting the edge rusher this franchise has long desired.

Dolphins 2019 record: 5-11 / No. 5 pick in first round

Biggest needs: QB, OL, edge rusher

With three first-round picks, the Dolphins are holding the keys to the 2020 NFL Draft. Yes, the need for a long-term answer under center sticks out like a dorsal fin, but you know what else does? The league's worst offensive line.

2. Devin Singletary will do this in 2020?

The Athletic’s Sheil Kapadia came up with 20 “bold” predictions ahead of the 2020 season; the Bills made the list at No. 15.

15. Devin Singletary will win the rushing title

Singletary was a lot of fun to watch in his rookie season, rushing 151 times for 775 yards, or 5.1 yards per carry. But he battled through some injuries, and it took a while before the Bills really started feeding him the ball. In the second half of the season, Singletary was tied for ninth with 131 rushing attempts and eighth with 603 rushing yards. With Frank Gore (likely) out of the picture, Singletary should be the unquestioned feature back for the Bills. He has great vision and consistently makes defenders miss. Draft him in fantasy and don't be surprised if he leads the league in rushing yards in 2020.

Singletary's 5.1 yards per attempt tied for third in the league among running backs and ranked first in the league for rookies. The RB had the fifth-most rushing yards in the regular season among other rookies.

3. Kim Pegula talks about the importance of diversity in the NFL

Kim Pegula joined Tony Gonzalez’s Wide Open podcast in Miami during Super Bowl week to share her climb to success and thoughts on seeing more women in the sports world. When asked about the success of the Bills this past season, Pegula said it's all about finding the right people to work towards a common goal.

"We try to identify the right people for us, like we talked about, what kind of companies and partners we want to work with," Pegula said. "I feel like in Sean [McDermott] or in Brandon [Beane], our coach and GM, we really found people that are who we are as people as well and I think that's been able to permeate throughout the building and the organization."

When it comes to seeing more women in sports, Pegula said it's important to have a diverse work environment because it mimics what we see in the world. She explained that the females who work for the Bills are there because they are the best person for that job, not because they are hiring to fill a quota. Pegula said since there are now more women in sports, she hopes younger girls will start to see that as a career option.

"I think when they see women in higher positions, SVPs at the league and in clubs, it shows the younger generation that when they're in college and trying to figure out what to do, maybe several years ago in football – even though they love football – they never thought of that as an option because they didn't know anybody in football," Pegula explained. "So, I think that has been a really great positive thing about the league that not only are they preaching it, but they are showing it."

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