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Bills Today | ESPN analyst confident in Buffalo's chances on Sunday


1. ESPN analyst confident in Buffalo's chances on Sunday

"They should win this game on Sunday."

Field Yates appeared on One Bills Live Wednesday afternoon and had some encouraging things to say about the Bills heading into a Week 11 matchup with the Miami Dolphins.

"From our point of view, this is a game that they can take care of," Yates said "And if they do, there's something to build off of. Seven wins in 10 games is a positive start in a season for any NFL team."

Yates stated that the Week 10 game against the Browns should be an aberration for the Bills and not the new normal.

"On paper the Bills should be winning on Sunday against the Dolphins. The Dolphins now have a winning streak of two games, they've shown they're tough, they're resilient. They also have a talent gap against the Bills."

Yates has defended the Bills for the weak schedule, purely because they don't make it. But a sign of a good team is to beat the teams they are supposed to like the Jets, Giants, Bengals and Redskins.

"Although last week was tough, they're still in the thick of the playoff race," Yates said.

2. Stephen Hauschka is feeling confident moving forward

Bills kicker Stephen Hauschka fielded questions on Wednesday about his recent performance. Hauschka has missed his last five kicks from 50+ yards dating back to last season. Most recently he missed a 53-yard kick that would have sent the Bills to overtime against the Cleveland Browns.

"Kicking in Buffalo is not an easy place to kick and I've been humbled by it," Hauschka said. "It's a challenging place and I love playing here and I really think I can be one of the best kickers here in Buffalo in these conditions."

Hauschka has made 59 of 74 kicks in his career as a Buffalo Bill and eight of 13 this season. He's made 72 of 73 extra points and 18 of 19 in 2019.

"I don't want to put excuses out there because I take all this stuff personally and I work on my craft and I've got the highest standards of anybody, maybe even too high. So I feel like I can be the best kicker in the league. It's part of playing this job long enough you go through some challenges and I'm right in the middle of my challenges right now for sure."

Sean McDermott voiced his confidence in his kicker on Monday.

"Overall I'm going to make sure that my team has a chance to win it," McDermott said of his decision to send Hauschka out for the game-tying attempt with 22 seconds left. "I felt like at that moment the best chance to win it, because you never want to walk away and say we never really had a chance to win it. We were in 53-yard field goal range at that point, good conditions. I felt good about it right there."

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3. Dolphins present a new challenge in second matchup

Buffalo and Miami match up for the second time this season on Sunday. Last time the teams faced off, Buffalo was riding high off a 4-1 start while the Dolphins were still looking for their first win of the season.

Now, Miami has rattled off consecutive wins against the Jets and Colts while Buffalo is dealing with a difficult loss to Cleveland.

"Obviously a much better football team and the results of the new head coach and a new scheme that they've got to get better," Lorenzo Alexander said. "Based on his pedigree and where he came from they have some players that are really going to buy into the culture down there."

In the first matchup, Ryan Fitzpatrick threw for 282 yards with a touchdown and Miami put up 21 points. At the time it was the most points scored against the Bills this season.

"That's what's going to be the main focus for us, it's more to get Miami to a one-dimensional game and have a chance and really affect Fitzpatrick back there," Alexander said.

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