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Quote Sheet | Bills aim to play fearless in Miami this week

Rookie RB Devin Singletary will play in his hometown of Miami for the first time in his NFL career on Sunday. Photo is from Buffalo Bills Week 11 practice at One Bills Drive, November 13, 2019. Photo by Bill Wippert
Rookie RB Devin Singletary will play in his hometown of Miami for the first time in his NFL career on Sunday. Photo is from Buffalo Bills Week 11 practice at One Bills Drive, November 13, 2019. Photo by Bill Wippert

1. Bills need to play fearless

Head coach Sean McDermott met with the players on Wednesday to redirect the team as they look to get back into the win column this week.

"Coach sat us all down today and told us to play fearless," Josh Allen said. "To have that green light and confidence from him still means a lot. I'm not saying I'm going to go out there and be reckless, they're two different terms for a reason. Just being very aware of what's going on but not being gun shy about everything."

"I think there is something to that," center Mitch Morse said. "We don't need to change everything just because we lost one game, but I think we need to look at what gets us stuck in certain situations and when you think too much you don't play as fast. That doesn't mean don't think. Be confident in yourself and the guys around you and sometimes less is more in the communication department."

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2. Devin Singletary, Frank Gore among Bills returning home

It's not Frank Gore's first time playing in front of his hometown of Miami, he played a full season there in 2018. But rookie Devin Singletary will have his first chance to return to his home area and play.

"It's gonna be fun, you know we're trying to get win number seven," Singletary said. "I got my family, friends, hometown supporters there and it will be fun. Just got to see how many people there are, it's going to be a lot."

Frank Gore needs 73 rushing yards to pass Barry Sanders for third place on the NFL's all-time rushing list. He'll have the chance to reach that feat on Sunday in his hometown.

"I'm happy I'll be back around my family and all the people who have been supporting me since I was a kid," Gore said. "They get the opportunity to get to see me play and hopefully I'll make some plays."

3. Opportunities are there for turnovers

Buffalo's stressed the entire season that they need to get more turnovers on the defensive side, the opportunities are there, and Buffalo needs to take advantage.

"I think it's a game of inches and when I think we've had a lot of opportunities to make more plays out there, whether it's to miss sacks, or it's trying to secure the tackle and we could rip the ball out, it's right there for the taking and little things like that. So I think it's definitely a game of inches and something to work on," Trent Murphy said.

4. McKenzie: We need to be consistent on deep passes

Buffalo has struggled to complete deep passes this season; the majority of the blame has been placed on Josh Allen but Isaiah McKenzie doesn't agree.

"Josh is practicing every day the deep ball, short pass or immediate pass," McKenzie said. "You know, you just don't connect, but it doesn't mean that you can't do it, doesn't mean that Josh can't throw it, doesn't mean we can't run and catch it. It's just chemistry."

"I feel like once we hit the deep ball, we just have to be consistent about it," McKenzie said. "The deep ball doesn't necessarily have to be a 60-yard bomb, it can be a 20-yard pass and we can run after the catch, that can be considered a deep ball."

5. Bills haven't even begun to peak

The Bills are 6-3 and have a chance to improve to 7-3 with a win on Sunday. That record would be the team's best since 1999 after 10 games.

"I don't think you ever play your best game," Lorenzo Alexander said. "I think you're always trying to get better each and every single week and throughout a season. You're constantly trying to climb, and you want to be able to peak at the right time. Collectively, no we haven't played our best game and I think if you ask a guy have you played your best game, will you ever get a yes? I don't think so. Because we're always trying to improve. There's always plays that you want back within the game itself."