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Bills Today | ESPN's Dan Orlovsky on how Josh Allen can improve in year three


1. ESPN's Dan Orlovsky on how Josh Allen can improve in year three

ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky joined WGR's The Howard and Jeremy Show to share his thoughts on Josh Allen in year two and what he can do to improve going into his third season. Orlovsky started out by explaining he thought Allen's steps forward in 2019 had to do with becoming more of a quarterback and less of a thrower.

"Really once they started that no huddle offense and kind of gave him some time at the line of scrimmage, simplified some things that the defense could do, you could see he had a better understanding of protections and where the pressure was potentially going to come from," Orlovsky said. "If that blitz came, what was the answer? That's a really big deal, we can't minimize that."

Orlovsky thinks in year three Allen needs to focus on growing his knowledge of the game and connecting on more of the deep balls.

"A more consistent approach, a more you don't have to be a boom or bust," Orlovsky said. "It's a really consistent approach. There's also the addition of Stefon Diggs. This is by far the best receiver he has ever had, certainly when you take the physical and add it to the route running capabilities. Really just taking that step of being like hey defense don't worry, if you guys don't have a good day, I've got it."

With this mindset, Orlovsky says Allen can become a difference maker who is capable of winning games because of his talent level.

2. This is why Josh Allen is excited about his WR corps

Quarterback Josh Allen spoke to the media on Friday to discuss his offseason and mindset looking into the season ahead with the team's new additions after free agency. Allen thinks wide receiver Stefon Diggs will provide a huge boost to the offense. When looking at the wide receiver group as a whole, Allen knows each receiver will have more opportunities because of the addition of Diggs.

"I want to win as many games as possible," Allen said. "Just to have the guys that we have outside that are playmakers that can do different things. You look at Cole Beasley, the way he maneuvers, the route running capabilities that he has. You look at John [Brown] and the things that he can do on the football field, and how great a season those two both had last year. Then you add another weapon like Stefon Diggs. I think people are thinking it's going to distract or take away from what John and I are going to be able to do, but I think the opposite. I think it's going to be more opportunity for them."

3. Buffalo lands at this spot in The Athletic's power rankings

The Athletic released their post-free agency NFL power rankings and the Bills moved up one spot from their end-of-season rankings. A reason for earning the No. 8 spot is thanks to a new receiver who could be a game changer on offense.

8. Buffalo Bills (End of '19 regular-season ranking: 9)

Dare we say the Bills are the early AFC East favorites? They have to be, right? We didn't love the Stefon Diggs trade because of the compensation, but we'll admit we are very excited to see what the Bills' offense will look like with Diggs in it.

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