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Bills Today: Frank Gore "This type of team fits my style of play"


1. Frank Gore "This type of team fits my style of play"

Veteran running back Frank Gore joined RapSheet and Friends this week to talk about his first season in Buffalo. Gore says the chemistry on this team reminds him of his days with the 49ers.

"When I first got here, you know I played in Miami last year, I know they [Buffalo Bills] had a great defense," Gore said. "I know on defense they flew to the ball. Seeing a young quarterback get better and when I got here getting to be around him [Josh Allen], how competitive he is and how he loves the game. Just seeing how tight the locker room was reminded me of how it was in San Francisco. Just being one, as a team."

In his first training camp as a Bill, Gore said the work ethic of the team stood out immediately.

"I'm telling you, I had to get used to it in training camp because we practice hard and I like that," Gore said. "I feel like if we keep working as a team and just stand as one then we have a chance to do whatever we want."

Even though it's early in the season, Gore told Ian Rapoport he is in the right place.

"I'm just happy that I did come here," Gore said. "A bunch of great guys, great coaches. This type of team fit my style of play—toughness, physical and we are having fun together."

Gore believes it's the way the team prepares that is a reason for success this season.

"The way we work," Gore said. "Great locker room, great guys. We just take it one day at a time. We work our behinds off over here and that's why we are 3-0 right now."

2. CBS Sports' Adam Schein thinks the Bills will beat the Patriots

CBS Sports' Adam Schein previewed Sunday’s matchup against the Patriots and he favors the Bills.

Buffalo matches up really well with the Patriots. The gap between the two teams has closed. New England, don't misinterpret, is still unequivocally the team to beat in the division. But Buffalo can absolutely win this game at home. Josh Allen is a stud. His arm is golden. You heard what Belichick said, he respects him as a runner and a thrower. Belichick stressed yesterday with Josh Allen, every spot on the field is available with the way he throws the ball. That puts major pressure on a defense.

Schein thinks the new pieces on Buffalo's offense can play a big part in the game.

John Brown takes the top off a defense. Cole Beasley has been great in the middle. The offensive line has improved. All the moves Brandon Beane made this offseason have paid off to set the stage for the showdown.

But what wins this game, Schein says, is the strong Bills defense.

I think the Bills defense is actually what wins this game, seriously. They are terrific on defense. They are great, deep, talented. They are strong, they are fundamentally sound. That Patriots offensive line—leaky. The Buffalo Bills can absolutely generate a pass rush on Tom Brady. This year's Bills team is different. Sean McDermott is different. The culture is incredible, they are disciplined and talented.

I picked them in the preseason to beat the Patriots at home.

3. Lee Smith believes Josh Allen has the 'it' factor

Veteran tight end Lee Smith joined WGR to share his thoughts on Josh Allen's progress as well as his memories of the Patriots.

"I think Josh [Allen] would say that he has things to work on, he needs to get better," Smith said. "We all do, but the one thing I do know about him is up, downs, or anywhere in between he is level-headed. He is a leader and he is just the ultimate competitor. That would be my main thing when it comes to Josh, he's tough and he's the ultimate competitor. I think he has the right wiring to be very elite in this league because he has just got that it factor."

Smith is looked at as a leader in the locker room due to his experience. With two rookies in the tight end room, Smith wants to help the first year NFL players learn and grow.

"I just try to come in here every day and be the pro that the older guys taught me how to be when I was younger," Smith said. "If I do anything that someone can take from and put towards their career then great. I definitely think my role is to come out and be consistent to say the least and come in here each and every day and be a true pro. Anything those young guys need; my door is always open."

Smith is the only current player on the roster who was a Buffalo Bill when the Bills last beat the Patriots at home in 2011.

"We know how much success those guys have had," Smith said. "The respect level is through the roof, especially as a veteran player who has been around and watched it first-hand just how dominant they have been throughout my entire career, throughout anybody's entire career that's playing football right now. So, we are definitely aware it's the New England Patriots but I think it's the veteran's responsibility to make sure all the young guys in this locker room see our process, our routine."

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