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Bills Today | Gabriel Davis is making a name for himself

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1. Gabriel Davis is making a name for himself

Rookie fourth-round pick Gabriel Davis has received a good number of game reps through the first two weeks of the season. In week one, he was on the field for 49 percent of the Bills offensive snaps, and week two it was 36 percent. In Miami, Davis did have a spectacular grab in the back of the end zone to put the Bills back in the lead in the fourth quarter. Davis said the team loved it as if they scored themselves. 

"When I saw [Allen] scramble and I just knew this was going to be an opportunity for me in the back of the end zone to make a play and obviously that happened," Davis said. "The team just loved it, they embraced it as if they scored their own touchdown, that's the type of team that we have and I'm so happy to be part of it."

Davis added "It's no better [feeling] than playing for a team that you genuinely love to be on because of the people around you. To make them proud, to work for them and to win for them is the best and I feel that's how all our guys feel."

2. Weekly award time for Josh Allen

On Monday's episode of Good Morning Football on NFL Network, Kyle Brandt gave his week 2 game ball to Josh Allen. This is what Brandt said about Allen's performance in Miami. 

Kyle Brandt on GMFB:

Guess who is leading the NFL in passing. Guess who it is, is it Rodgers, is it Russ, its Josh Allen, of the Buffalo Bills. He leads the NFL in passing and guess how many interceptions Josh Allen has zero. What's his completion percentage, 70%, with all the accuracy stuff 'he's not accurate, he's just a big arm' No, no, 70% of his passes and leads the NFL in yards with zero interceptions. Yesterday he had zero fumbles, zero problems, and if you say 'he's picking on weak opponents' all right, he's got the Rams next. The 2-0 Rams, he's got Aaron Donald, he's got Jalen and he's got all that. Josh has been a sensation through two weeks. There's a lot of sensations, in which we love, with Rogers, Russ, and Kyler. Josh Allen's been incredible, very quiet, up in Western New York, a small imprint on this show today, but it's a thing. It's happening, it's becoming a superstar thing, he looks great and watch out for him. The Bills are really good and so is their quarterback.

Allen is also a nominee for the NFL's FedEx Air Player of the Week. Bills fans can cast their votes for Josh Allen below.

3. Leslie Frazier's assessment of Bills defense in week 2

The Bills defense allowed 28 points in Sunday's game against the dolphins, which is a little high for Leslie Frazier's liking. In 2019, the Bills defense ranked second in the NFL allowing an average of 16.2 points per game. This Bills defense is a talented group with a strong next man up mentality, and Frazier was pleased with how the other guys stepped up. 

"I didn't necessarily like the points allowed," Frazier stated. "We like to keep the points down, but our guys showed great effort and came up with a really timely goal-line stand. That was important for us throughout the course of that game and had some key third-down stops along the way. We gave up a cheap touchdown at the end of the game and some points at the end of the half. After getting a stop in the previous two-minute situation and to come back in the next two-minute situation in that first half, and we gave up three points, I really didn't like seeing that. Overall, I thought the guys gave a great effort, they did a good job pursuing the ball, and I was pleased with the way that Tyrel Dodson and A.J. Klein stepped in. They really played at a high level for us. Obviously, you'd like to have your starters in, but those guys did a very good job and pleased with that part of the game."

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