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Bills Today | Heavy rotation for the defensive line


1. Frazier on defensive line rotation

The Bills defense started off really strong in Sunday's game, allowing the Jets only one first down in their first four drives. The D-line was able to stay fresh throughout the game because of the quality of depth that they have on the roster and the rotation the coaches set up for them. Leslie Frazier touched on how important the rotation is for his players and the success of the defense.

"It should help us over the course of a four-quarter game," Frazier explained. "so, when you get to the fourth quarter and it's a tight game, you still have your best players fresh because you have a good rotation going. It also keeps everybody involved in the game, you don't have guys standing around in between series, waiting and wondering when they're going to get in the game. Eric Washington has done a great job in training camp of making the guys aware that we're going to have a rotation and how it's going to work. They weren't surprised on Sunday when he kept his word, and there they are in the second series and we got a fresh group out there. Those guys are playing as hard as they can trying to get more snaps, so it should be good for us in the long term."

Frazier added. "It's the combination of both. You want to be able to, especially with the defensive line, keep guys fresh so when you have to rush on third down you can get two of the best rushers out there. But, at the same time, you are trying to protect yourself. If we were to get an injury, those guys who do have to play, it's not something new to them."

2. McDermott on Allen's ball security

QB Josh Allen had one of the best games of his career on Sunday, but there are still a lot of things that need to be worked on. The two fumbles by Allen stopped the momentum that the team was generating throughout the game. Allen and McDermott both know that he has to work on his ball security, and that starts in practice.

"As [Allen] said after the game, he's got to do a better job," McDermott said "and I don't think there's any other way to skin it. You can't give the ball away; the ball has an unbelievable ability to become a great equalizer. We were dominating that game in a lot of ways, as you saw, and we put the ball on the ground and then all of a sudden, we faced some adversity. So, we can learn, and we do need to learn from that before it comes back to haunt us. So that's one of the many things that we have to work on this week."

3. Success for running QBs in the NFL in Week 1

NBC football analyst and former NFL quarterback Chris Sims has been a fan of Josh Allen for a while now. He had more good things to say about the Bills quarterback Sunday after Allen's big game.

Simms on Josh Allen:

"He had an unbelievable day. This is what he does. His ability to extend plays, buy time and make big-time throws on the run…Josh Allen has superstar talent. I mean, he makes our jaws drop a little bit every weekend."

NFL Network host Andrew Siciliano shared a tweet Monday with a pretty interesting week one stat.

With the win on Sunday, Allen joined these four quarterbacks in being their team's leading rusher. Allen led the team in rushes with 14 and rushing yards with 57. He also had a rushing touchdown but lost two fumbles during the game.

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