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Bills Today | believes Bills vs. Dolphins could become the 'it' rivalry

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1. believes Bills vs. Dolphins could become the it rivalry

The Bills and Dolphins have played against each other 118 times, including playoffs, since 1966 and Miami leads the series 62-55-1 against Buffalo. Since 2018, the Bills have a 5-1 record against the Dolphins and Josh Allen has had some of his best games against them. In six games, Allen has thrown for 1,552 yards with 17 touchdowns to only four interceptions. Allen also won his first three AFC Offensive Player of the Week awards for his performances against Miami. writer Adam Rank put out his list for the best NFL rivalries for this upcoming season and the "rebooted" Bills-Dolphins rivalry made his list.

Buffalo Bills vs. Miami Dolphins:

I know a lot of you kids have spent the vast majority of your lives with a Patriots-centric AFC East. But this rivalry, Bills v. Dolphins, was a highlight of my football-watching youth. And now, like every show I watched as a kid, it's been rebooted -- and might even be better than the original. Kind of like Cobra Kai.

Fresh off a 13-3 season that ended in the AFC title game, the Josh Allen-led Bills will enter the 2021 campaign with legit Super Bowl aspirations. So, this rivalry's ultimate juiciness more likely depends on the Dolphins, who just missed last season's playoffs at 10-6 and have been quite active this offseason. If Tua Tagovailoa becomes the player the Fins envisioned when they took him at No. 5 overall last year, this could become the it rivalry.

2. Bleacher Report thinks the Bills got great value for this signing

"It's a great culture, a very great culture and I was just very blessed to be a part of that last year and we're back with it this year, and hopefully the next three years." 

That's what Daryl Williams said during his Zoom press conference earlier this month after he re-signed with the team and added that he is ready to get back it at. Bleacher Report NFL writer Alex Ballentine ranked the ten best bang-for-the-buck free agent signings of the offseason and Williams' deal came in at number three. This is what Ballentine had to say about it:

#3. OT Daryl Williams, Buffalo Bills

You don't let players at two positions walk when they're playing well and in their prime: quarterbacks and offensive tackles. The Bills have two good tackles on the roster in Dion Dawkins and Daryl Williams. It was crucial for the future success of Josh Allen to maintain good protection on the perimeter, and they got it done on a cost-conscious deal.

... According to Pro Football Focus, only four right tackles have graded above 78.0 in both run- and pass-blocking. Williams is one of the four. ...

3. The Bills get an A- for this free agent signing

During his Zoom conference with the media on March 18, Brandon Beane said that he hopes that this season can be a great reset for Mitchell Trubisky and is excited to add him into the mix. The signing received good grades from analysts around the league and ESPN added another A- to that report card. ESPN NFL writer Kevin Seifert gave Buffalo that grade for the Trubisky signing and explained why it was quite a deal for the Bills.

Mitchell Trubisky, QB, Buffalo Bills

Top 100 ranking: 88

Grade: A-

Say what you want about Trubisky's tenure as the Bears' starter. No matter how you look at it, this is a relative steal for the Bills. ... It was also wise for the Bills to find a backup who can mirror starter Josh Allen's skill set. While he might not be as accurate or confident a passer as Allen, Trubisky has the arm to make every throw and has a similar level of mobility. If he needed to play for the Bills, they would not have to make significant changes to their offensive philosophy. -- Seifert

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