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Bills Today: Offensive coordinator Brian Daboll will stress this moving forward


1. Offensive coordinator Brian Daboll will stress this moving forward

Josh Allen's has fumbled eight times this season, the same amount as his rookie year. Three of those fumbles have been lost.

On a designed quarterback run on third-and-two, Allen fumbled and the Eagles recovered to give them the ball at the Buffalo 24. Philadelphia would score a touchdown on the drive.

"You keep coaching and keep talking about two different points of pressure," offensive coordinator Brian Daboll said. "[The Eagles] made a really good play on that to knock the ball out and set the edge. Those are some plays that have helped us win in the past, not necessarily the same plays, but with Josh we're going to keep working on that and make sure that we take care of the football."

Daboll mentioned the Bills struggles on third and fourth down short yardage situations. Allen's fumble was a "huge momentum swing" and is a play the Bills would like to have back which Daboll takes full responsibility for.

"Well, I'll just go back to yesterday, obviously not good enough and that starts with me. A lot we can get better at and that's what we'll do," Daboll said.

2. Bills correct mistakes in Monday's film session

Lorenzo Alexander said that coaches will be more meticulous and a bit harsher when reviewing the tape from Sunday's loss. It would be up to the players to listen and grow from the critique, Alexander continued.

"We had a chance to go back, watch the tape, and I think we made the necessary corrections," defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier said. "…We think we handled what needs to be handled, we'll see once we get on the field."

Frazier went more in-depth on the session.

"Our film session was really good. It was a lot of give and take just communicating and coaches explain what they were looking for and players giving them a point of view as well," Frazier said. "I thought it was really good and created some clarity of what we're trying to get accomplished."

3. McDermott confident in defensive tackle rotation

With the loss of Harrison Phillips the Bills defensive tackle rotation changed from the original plan this season. Kyle Peko was called up from the practice squad to replace him and the Bills rotate in Star Lotulelei, Peko, Ed Oliver and Jordan Phillips at the spot.

Head coach Sean McDermott has confidence in his current group.

"It's hard to replace a player and a person like Harrison," McDermott said. "That being said, we have confidence in the guys in the room to do their jobs."

McDermott elaborated on Lotulelei's role within the defense.

"Yeah I think Star's doing a good job," McDermott said. "Like I said before when it comes down to playing defensive tackle it's the most unselfish position on the defense. So your name doesn't get in the paper a lot and sometimes that's a good thing as it relates to staying in your gap and doing your job. Those one-technique defensive tackles don't get a lot of recognition for the dirty work and Star, I thought, played a solid game for us."

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