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Bills Today: Players express their excitement about the arrival of Ed Oliver


1. Bills players express their excitement about the arrival of Ed Oliver

Ed Oliver is the newest member of the Buffalo Bills locker room and his new teammates jumped to Twitter to congratulate the three-time All-American selection.

Shaq Lawson must have had some inside information as he predicted the Bills pick before it was even announced.

Since 2017, the Bills have selected impact players like Tre'Davious White, Josh Allen and Tremaine Edmunds in the first round. Now with Oliver added to the mix and three starters already drafted the past two seasons some vets are excited for the future.

Tre White can't wait for Oliver to get up to "Buffaleaux."

Oliver grew up in Houston, Texas.

2. Sean McDermott explains his the Ed Oliver-Cheerios connection

When you know, you know. That's what Sean McDermott thought when he met with Ed Oliver at his pro day.

McDermott said you could feel Oliver's presence and energy and when he worked out he could just feel it with him. McDermott felt his power and saw his competitive nature more than anything and his hunger is a critical piece as to why he was drafted.

McDermott described the situation in a unique way.

"It's kind of like when you drive down the interstate there and you're getting close to that General Mills plant and you could smell the Cheerios," McDermott said. "When you're around a good football player, a guy that wants it and they're passionate about what they do, you can smell that and you can feel it."

Oliver may not be a part of a balanced breakfast but will instantly add a competitiveness and solid pass rushing ability to the Bills' defense.

McDermott, general manager Brandon Beane, defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier were all at Oliver's pro day and spent more time with him to talk about any flags that might pop up about him. The Bills did their due diligence on Oliver to make sure he matched the culture.

Oliver will be able to pressure the quarterback inside and out, up front and be able to give Buffalo a lot of flexibility says McDermott.

3. Ed Oliver explains his love of horses

In case you haven't already seen or heard, Ed Oliver loves horses. Outside of the football field, one of his passions includes horseback riding.

Oliver is a self-proclaimed horse whisperer.

Now that Oliver is moving from Houston he'll be without his horses. Luckily he'll have room for as many as he wants.

"I might get a horse or two," Oliver said. "Or three, or four, or five maybe."

Oliver has been around horses for the majority of his life and helped him learn to conquer his fears. Oreo, one of his horses, has been the most impactful.

"I can tell you, I got over a lot of fear with horses, too," Oliver said. "A couple times I thought I was going to die, and I realized: 'Hey you've just got to go through it. You'll be all right.'"

Oreo, a horse he described as "stubborn and ignorant," tried to kill Oliver a couple times, he says. It's the reason he became fearless because when you fight with a 1,000 pound animal, he's not worried about someone who is 300 pounds.

Before the draft Oliver was still on farms, possibly finding his next horse.

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