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Bills Today | Stefon Diggs thankful to be a Bill

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1. Stefon Diggs thankful to be a Bill

Whenever a player goes to a new team there's always apprehension about the fit. No matter how good the reviews are about a new destination, no matter how welcoming new teammates might be, sometimes a new player has to feel out his new surroundings.

For Stefon Diggs that feeling out process is over and with today being Thanksgiving, the Bills top wideout is very grateful the second chapter of his career is happening in Buffalo.

"It's crazy my coach came up to me today, our O-line coach, he was just like, 'How are you?' And I was like, 'I'm happy,'" said Diggs. "And I said it with a smile just because I've been busting my a-- for a long time as far as with my craft and with my grind. But mentally being in the right place and pushing in the right direction. I've always been trying to try to be that guy trying to have positive energy. And I'm just happy to be where I am. Happy to be with the guys that I'm around, and I'm thankful. I would say more than anything I'm thankful. I'm thankful to be here, thankful for the opportunity. So I'm been just trying to take advantage of it."

So far, so good as Diggs leads the AFC in receiving yards and is second in the league in receptions this season.

2. Josh Allen reflects on first career start

With the Chargers coming to Buffalo this Sunday it has sparked thoughts about Josh Allen's first career start, which came against the Chargers in 2018. It was Week 2 and Allen had already come on in relief of Nathan Peterman in Week 1 at Baltimore before being named the starter for the Chargers game.

Allen has said before that he was unsure of what he was looking at defensively from the jump in that game, which the Bills lost 31-20. But he looks back on the first start of his career as a valuable lesson.

"Obviously, I was very nervous, and things didn't turn out so great," said Allen. "When I look back at it just how little I knew about our protection and our schemes and I should have, could have, would have done a better job if I go back and did it all over now. But it did teach me some valuable lessons and I got to see some different things and obviously being the first start of my career in the early part of my career, it helped me. It really did and I think you need to go through some bumps and bruises."

As for Sunday's matchup, Allen has a healthy respect for L.A.'s pass rush, even though injuries have largely compromised the Chargers' sack production this season.

"We're still going up against a really good defense this week and guys that know how to get to the passer," said Allen. "We've got to be on our 'P's and 'Q's and understand whatever they throw our way we've got to be ready for it. Whether it be me with protection and making adjustments or getting the ball out quicker because they do have some guys that get to the quarterback often and very quickly and so we'll have to figure that out during the game and it's going to be a tough task for sure."

Joey Bosa leads the Chargers with 4.5 sacks on the season.

3. Daniel Jeremiah: Bills safety tandem will be big test for Herbert

There's no question Chargers rookie QB Justin Herbert has been impressive this season, with production numbers that are on a par with that of Josh Allen. Only one defense that he's faced this season has really given him trouble and that was the Miami Dolphins.

In an appearance on ‘One Bills Live’ this week, NFL Network and Chargers radio network analyst Daniel Jeremiah explained how Miami succeeded in crossing up L.A.'s young quarterback.

"The Dolphins were the one defense that gave him trouble because of what they were doing with the front, milling around where he didn't know where they were coming from and then they were changing the coverage behind that," Jeremiah said. "You're trying to identify 'mikes' and protections and then all of a sudden you assume you're getting one coverage and then post-snap they switch up the look."

While Buffalo will employ similar tactics at times, Jeremiah believes the combination of Jordan Poyer and Micah Hyde might be the most challenging safety tandem Herbert has faced this season.

"In terms of the safety position I think this tandem is as good as it gets not only with the playmakers those two are, but because of their intelligence and ability to disguise," said Jeremiah. "So that will be a big challenge for Herbert this week."

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