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Bills Today | This ESPN analyst explains why he still believes in the Bills


1. This ESPN analyst explains why he still believes in the Bills

There is no need to panic after Buffalo's loss to the Ravens on Sunday. The Bills went against the hottest team in the NFL and played them tough down to the final possession but ultimately lost 24-17.

The final stats weren't pretty on offense causing people to react saying Buffalo isn't a serious contender despite leading in the wild card race and still have a chance to win the AFC East. In his weekly overreactions column, Dan Graziano writes there's still a lot to like about the 2019 Bills.

Look, the defense is legit, and Josh Allen has seemed to find a way in big spots. I'm not here to ding the Bills for their schedule, and whatever you want to say about the way the Cowboys look right now, winning (and dominating) in Dallas on Thanksgiving is no small thing for a team on the rise.

If the Patriots mess up in either of their very winnable remaining games, and if Buffalo can spring the Week 16 upset, it's not at all out of the question that the Bills could still swipe the division. Losing to the Ravens is not an indictment of any team.

2. Bills preparing for another challenging defense

Much like the Bills, the strength of the Pittsburgh Steelers is their defense. The Steelers began the season with a 1-4 record and have since gone 7-1. They've flipped quarterbacks three times and still find a way to win because of a defense that forces the most turnovers in the NFL.

"I think they got eight or nine first rounders," offensive coordinator Brian Daboll said. "They can rush the passer, they can stop the run and we're just starting out here. I think they're second in the league in negative plays and first in sacks."

"We're just getting into their scheme but in a brief time since we started it's a pretty impressive group," Daboll said.

Buffalo has run a gauntlet of tough defenses in recent weeks and the Bills fully expect it to continue heading into the Sunday night matchup. Pittsburgh is another top-five defense just like Denver, Dallas, and Baltimore says Daboll.

3. LB Matt Milano draws praise from defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier

Linebacker Matt Milano was drafted in the fifth round in 2017. He wasn't expected to make such an impact in the NFL especially after major injury concerns. In 2018 he already proved his doubters wrong and appeared to make a strong case for a pro bowl season before breaking his leg. Now, in 2019 he's one of the most valuable players on the entire team.

"Matt's been a valuable piece for us throughout the year," defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier said. "Going back to last season it was all sort of happening for him and was playing at a really high level. He's a big deal because of what he can do to tight ends and running backs in man coverage."

Frazier remembers the conversations about Milano in 2017 being that he will be one of those players that was always injured and wouldn't be available. It also didn't help that he was a hybrid between linebacker and safety.

"He's worked extremely hard to overcome some od those in recourses that we had coming out and I'm sure that had a lot to do with him going as late as he did. He was also a hybrid back but we were trying to project him as a three down linebacker who could do it all."

Milano has rewarded the Bills with his best season yet. He has nine passes defended, a career high, and 81 tackles which also is a career high.

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