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Bills Today | This will be the offensive line's focus heading into Sunday


1. This will be the offensive line's focus heading into Sunday

The Bills offense has allowed 10 sacks the last two weeks combined. Center Mitch Morse knows that effort won't be acceptable against Pittsburgh this week.

"Worried isn't the right word to use," Morse said. "If you start thinking like that then you start panicking and we can't let that happen. It's a whole collective unit type of thing and offensive scheme but we talked to everyone and that's something that can't happen again."

Last week, the Ravens sacked Josh Allen six times. The Steelers are currently the NFL leaders in sacks with 48.0. But the Ravens blitzed more than any team the Bills have faced this season.

"I think there's definitely some good parts to take away, but we can't let that cloud the fact that there's a lot of work and it's always easier to find excuses outside of yourself for things that go awry," Morse said. "We have to look at every guy internally and we have a very tough schedule, continuing with the next three weeks and we'll have to learn, and we'll have to grow as a team."

2. Bragging rights are on the line for this Bill

For Tremaine Edmunds, Sunday's game will be a chance for him to play against each of his brothers and the team that almost drafted him. Edmunds reminisced on his pre 2018 NFL draft meeting with Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin that featured himself, his brother Terrell and mom Felicia.

Tomlin remembered that his mom stole the show.

"I can't remember everything that happened but anybody who knows my mom knows that she's going to speak up and speak her mind," Edmunds said. "That's my mom and I love her to death but she knows that when she talks it holds a certain amount of weight."

Tremaine ended up drafted 16th overall by the Bills while Terrell became Pittsburgh's first-round pick at 28th overall.

Their eldest brother, Trey, went undrafted in 2017 and now plays running back for the Steelers. They will be the first trio to play in the same NFL game since 1927.

Tremaine still doesn't know which side his parents will support more but he knows that the only thing better than bragging rights on Sunday will be Buffalo clinching a playoff berth with a win.

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3. How Buffalo is preparing for a late kickoff

It's been 12 years since the Bills last played on Sunday night. With a scheduled 8:20 start this is uncharted territory for most of the Bills roster. Typical Sunday morning pregame routines will be drastically changed.

"I've been talking with some of our athletic trainers here just trying to come up with a plan for guys and some things that I've done that really worked," Lorenzo Alexander said. "Get up early, grab breakfast, and do a light workout just to get things activated."

Alexander has experience after over a decade of playing. But second year players like Taron Johnson have no clue what to expect on such a large stage. There are enough veterans in the locker room to keep the young guys from not getting phased.

"It's not really that big of a difference," Micah Hyde said. "It's going to be a lot cooler, the sun's going to be down but it's something that we look forward to … it's something that you dream about."

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