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Bills Today | Two former Bills are finalists for the NFL 100 All-Time Team


1. Two former Bills named finalists on the NFL 100 All-Time Team

Before Friday's NFL 100 All-Time Team premieres at 8 p.m. on NFL Network, the NFL is releasing some of the finalists. The league released 24 running backs who have been named to the finalist's list, 12 of which will make the all-time team. The list is made up of 14 NFL MVP titles, 23 Hall of Famers and 2,246 touchdowns.

Two former Buffalo Bills make up the 24—Thurman Thomas and O.J. Simpson. Thomas was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2007, led the NFL in total scrimmage yards for four straight seasons and put up 16,532 all-purpose yards. Simpson was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1985, had 14,368 combined scrimmage yards and 2,003 rushing yards in 1973.

To see if these two Bills are part of the 12 running backs who make the team, tune in on Friday, Nov. 22 at 8 p.m. ET on NFL Network. Members of the NFL 100 All-Time Team will be released throughout the next six weeks through Week 17 on NFL Network.

2. Josh Allen: It was a good game for our confidence

After scoring a season-high 37 points and beating the Dolphins 37-20, quarterback Josh Allen left the game feeling ready for what's ahead. Allen joined One Bills Live to talk about what went into the win.

"It was a good game for our confidence," Allen said. "I think it allowed us to get back on track and showed what we can be as long as we go out there and execute. I think on all three phases we did pretty well.

Offensive coordinator Brian Daboll called the offense from the booth for the first time this season. Allen explained the view from above might have helped identify the defense throughout the game.

"It just allowed him to see some things differently," Allen explained. "I think getting a birds eye view, especially as an offensive coordinator, it's easier to see personnel change on the defense. It's easier to see how they are playing things."

The offense started the game up tempo in which the Bills earned points on their first four drives of the game.

"It was nice, it allowed us to make some checks at the line and get ourselves in an advantageous situation there," Allen said. "Don't know if that's what we are going to continue to do, week-to-week everything is different, but it worked for us this past week."

Allen as well as the entire team was challenged to play fearless. After posting a career-high 117.7 passer rating, the quarterback thought the offense had a productive day.

"It just kind of gave me a green light to go out there and play free—not to worry about things, not to worry about interceptions, not to worry about turning the ball over, not to worry about an incompletion here or there," Allen said. "Obviously there's still a lot of things I want to clean up, still have to clean up. I went out there and put the ball down field and our guys made some plays and our line blocked tremendously. We had zero sacks which is fantastic."

3. Micah Hyde credits Leslie Frazier for aggressive game plan

Ahead of Sunday's game against the Dolphins, head coach Sean McDermott said there was a lot of player-driven leadership on display. Micah Hyde joined the Schopp & Bulldog show on WGR to revisit the win on Monday.

"We go out each and every game to play fearless," Hyde explained. "We try to go out there and not think, make plays, play fast. I think last week, after the loss in Cleveland, coach preached that a lot. He said we have to continue to go out there. We put all this film study in throughout the week so that we can go out there Sunday and play fast."

The reminder to play fearless went along with the defensive game plan defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier dialed up. The seven sacks by the defense was the most this season.

"We did dial up some blitzes," Hyde explained. "Good job by Sean [McDermott] and [Leslie Frazier] communicating throughout the week what our game plan was going to be. At the end of the day, even if it wasn't a blitz, guys were playing downhill, playing fast. That's what coach was talking about, playing fearless. That's how we were able to get seven sacks on the Dolphins."

After Josh Allen's career day, Hyde wasn't caught off guard because he expects that from his quarterback.

"That's Josh Allen man," said Hyde. "He can make any throw on the field. Threw it on a rope to [John Brown] and we were able to bring it in for a touchdown. When he has confidence and plays free, he can be one of the best quarterbacks in this league."

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