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Bills Today | Von Miller is feeling the love from Bills Mafia


On the first day of training camp, Bills linebacker Von Miller shared his dorm room experience at the age of 33. Miller pointed out that even the toilet paper is different and when Bills Mafia got word of this, they were quick to come to his rescue.

"I'll tell you what, the people of Buffalo, the people of Rochester, and just Buffalo fans in general are great," Miller said. "I remember the last time I was over here, I said something about the toilet paper and four days later, I got all types of toilet paper in the mail and wipes and plant-free wipes from all types of fans."

When the linebacker made his original statement, he wasn't trying to complain and instead was trying to depict his training camp experience this time around being in a dorm room. Either way, Bills fans wanted to make sure the veteran felt welcomed, and the unexpected toilet paper delivery is just another way of doing so. Miller acknowledged that fan at his previous stops have always been great, but Bills fans are different.

"I had some really great toilet paper just show up outside of my dorm room," Miller said. "That was the first one, it was like a four pack. And then it was another eight pack the next day, and then some wipes came in the mail from some Bills fans, and it was plant-based. Every day it's like toilet paper everywhere. I just want to say publicly, I appreciate all of you guys, and I'm grateful."

Just two weeks in, Miller is familiar with Bills Mafia from training camp, but he's eager to see them up close and personal tomorrow at Highmark Stadium for the Return of the Blue and Red scrimmage.

"I'm excited to be in the stadium," Miller said. "I played there three times, and we lost all three. Now I'm on a different side of the ball and I'm excited to see Bills Mafia. I'm excited to see what they can do. Everybody hypes them up, and everybody has so many great things to say."

Quarterback Josh Allen is also looking forward to the fun atmosphere of being back at the stadium and is hopeful that the fans get pumped up to welcome the team home. Allen is counting on Miller to make that happen.

"Von is gonna pump them up, he's a rockstar," Allen said. "Every time he comes out here to camp, he's got the biggest cheers. So hopefully Bills' mafia shows him some love tomorrow night."

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