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Bills Today | Why Chris Simms ranked Josh Allen as the best quarterback in the NFL


Since Josh Allen entered the league, his stock has only gone up.

Every year, Allen has climbed up Chris Simms list of Top 40 Quarterbacks. In 2019, Allen debuted on the list at No. 23 and then moved up to No. 18 the next year. The big jump came in 2021 when Allen moved all the way up to No. 2. For this year, Simms discussed on his podcast, Chris Simms Unbuttoned, why he put Allen in the number one spot.

No. 1: Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills

"Josh Allen is the best quarterback in the NFL right now," Simms said on his podcast. "There's no doubt. No one is asked to do more for their team on a weekly basis than him. He has the strongest arm in football. Other than Lamar Jackson, he is the best running quarterback in football. I don't even think that's debatable.

"He's the most physically gifted quarterback in the game, too. To me, where he separates from [Patrick] Mahomes right now is he can play within the offense a little bit more consistently. Mahomes is already an all-time great, and I think Josh Allen is starting to go into that area too."

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