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Josh Allen on facing Pat Mahomes and Stefon Diggs talks accountability


Josh Allen, Stefon Diggs, Jordan Poyer and Devin Singletary met with the media on Thursday to discuss their match up with the Chiefs and share their thoughts on facing QB Patrick Mahomes for the first time. WR Stefon Diggs explains how the locker room holds each other accountable and RB Devin Singletary talks about facing the Chiefs defensive line.

Stefon Diggs on executing at a high level

Stefon Diggs had another 100-yard game in Tuesday's loss, but he knows he left plays out on the field. Diggs respects how this team has handled their first loss of the season and says the team is working to get the bad taste out of their mouth.

"Definitely everyone is accountable for themselves," Diggs explained. "We traced back our steps on what we did and what we didn't do. Definitely, a different week than what we typically have, and nobody here made any excuses, everybody came in and was accountable. We figured out ways we could have been better, especially individually, I jumped offsides and I dropped two passes. There's little stuff like that and I feel just personally I can do better and be better for my team. Nobody's ragging on you for that and everybody's like, 'well, you did this, but I also can be better.' I feel like everybody has that same emotion, that feeling of getting that taste out of our mouth and writing our wrongs. Nobody's perfect in his world but God, but in this organization and the foundation that we built, everybody's accountable. Everyone wants to execute at a high level, and everyone wants to do the job."

First match up between Allen and Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes has been a electrifying player since taking over the Chiefs starting quarterback position, winning the MVP award in 2018 and then Super Bowl MVP last season. Josh Allen admires his competitive spirit but says he has to be on his A-game to make sure Mahomes doesn't get any extra possessions.

"It's going be fun obviously going against a competitor like that," Allen said. "On the field, the things that he does are second to none. The way he can throw off-platform and there's eye movement and really his recognition of the game and last year too, he's only getting better. So, to go against him it's going to be fun, obviously, it's fun to watch him. And off the field, I've met him once, but we've gotten a messaged back and forth a couple of times. Everything that I've heard and been told about them is just he's a great and stand up dude. It's hard not to root for him and love watching him have success, except this coming Monday. Hopefully we can get at him a couple of times, but he's one of those players where you don't want to give him more opportunities than what they're going to get. I have to be on my P's and Q's and making sure we're holding on to the ball and making smart decisions with the football."

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Devin Singletary talks about the talented players on the Chiefs defensive line

Kansas City has allowed an average of 157.6 rushing yards through five games of the season which ranks 29th in the league. The Bills running game has taken a backseat to their passing game to start out the season, but Monday could be the day it gets back on track. Devin Singletary talked about how he is preparing to run against two great defenders in Chris Jones and Frank Clark.

"Especially those two guys, they are a lot to deal with," Singletary stated. "We just have to come with our A-game and have to be ready to execute. That's what it's going to take for this game, to refocus and bounce back from last week. What I've seen from those guys is that they are very active. They give a lot of effort, and you won't see them giving up on plays, so we have to come with our A-game."

The challenge of facing Mahomes

Jordan Poyer has played against a lot of good quarterbacks in his eight-year career, but this is the first time he is going up against Patrick Mahomes. Poyer went into detail on some of the things Mahomes does really well, and what he has to prepare for this week. 

"He's the guy just as good out of the pocket as he is in the pocket," Poyer explained. "His ability to be able to extend plays with his legs, and then with the strength of his arm, he can make all the throws. Understanding that play is not over on the initial route, we are going to continue to plaster. He's going to throw some passes in the air that he believes his guys are going to come down with. There will be opportunities to make plays on the ball, so when those opportunities present itself, we have to take advantage of it."