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Quote Sheet | Bills intend to fight for respect ahead of Giants matchup


1. Micah Hyde says the Bills are in no danger of becoming complacent

Safety Micah Hyde was asked if the Bills might get complacent after an emotional win on Sunday, Hyde's response spoke to the hard work mentality coach McDermott wants all his players to have.

"This is Buffalo man, we don't get no credit," Hyde said. "We have no reason to think we're going to win the Super Bowl because we don't get any credit outside of here anyways. We're going to continue to work just like Sean preaches every day. We're not complacent, we understand that it's going to be a day by day thing. We made mistakes in practice and learn from those before we even get out there on Sunday. So let's continue to work. No complacency here, we have faith that the guys in this locker room will continue to do that, put their hard hat on and go to work every day."

2. Josh Allen on the team's success with fourth quarter comebacks

Josh Allen has started 12 games in his career. In four of those games he has led either a fourth quarter comeback of game-winning drive. His most recent comeback came on Sunday, leading Buffalo back from a 16-point deficit.

"It just shows the kind of coach, coach McDermott is and just how we practice and being so into situations. He throws a lot at us during practice and I thought we were fully prepared for whatever situation. Obviously, there's situations in football games that are different and some that you can never prepare for but coach McDermott does a great job with us," Allen said.

"The trust aspect comes in with everybody around you, not trying to do too much and get the ball in our playmakers' hands," Allen said.

Allen says he enjoys being in those types of situations.

"For sure. I think even going back to when I was a little kid I always wanted that pressure and I thought I'd perform best in those situations. Having the team around me and having the influence from coach in that situation and coach Daboll's trust to make a call on third down," Allen said.

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3. Lorenzo Alexander on the Bills plan to swarm Saquon

The game plan against the Giants offense sounds easy enough: stop Saquon Barkley. In just his second year in the NFL the Giants running back has already established himself as one of the elite offensive threats in the league.

Lorenzo Alexander feels the Bills will need to put emphasis on where he is at all times.

"We like to emphasize [swarm tackling] every week so you don't have to overemphasize when you play an elite talent like Saquon," Alexander said. "We always emphasize tackling but there is another sense of urgency or an awareness because of his ability. There is an awareness of where he's at and making sure guys do get to him in time."

"The only way you can get him down is by populating the ball," Alexander said. "they love getting him on corners, he has a great spin move, great stiff arm and great burst so we have to have a lot of guys just swarming to him because he will make guys miss and that second and third guy coming in has to clean him up."

4. Devin Singletary absorbs all the advice he can from Frank Gore

Rookie running back Devin Singletary is known for his ability to make defenders miss with his juke moves and showed that on a couple runs during Sunday's game. Singletary is in a running back room with veteran Frank Gore who told Singletary that he needs to "trust his speed" more.

"Coming from college and to the league to him I could cut out some of the cuts that I'm making and instead get vertical and trust my speed up, that's what he means by that," Singletary said.

"Growing up playing football you want to try to do all the things to make people miss. Instead I've been having it preached to me to get vertical instead of stumbling behind the line," Singletary said.