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Quote Sheet | Bills players and coaches take full responsibility in loss 


1.  Allen needs to execute better

Quarterback Josh Allen placed today's loss on the offense unable to execute. Buffalo will have to score more than 16 points to win in the NFL.

"The fact is our defense played extremely well today. They gave us a chance. Everybody knows that you have to score more than 16 to win in this league. We didn't get that today. We didn't execute. I have to do a better job finding completions and getting the ball to our guys. When I have deep shots, I have to take advantage and be able to connect on those. That's something we're going to work on. Obviously, we're disappointed with today. We're going to learn from it. This one hurts because of the preparation that we had, I thought, was good enough. We had a really good week at practice. There were opportunities in that game where I have to be better. I have to put our offense in better situations, and I just didn't do that today."

2. McDermott: One week at a time

The Bills try to finish every week 1-0 but were unable to get the wanted result this week.

"You take it one week at a time, as you guys hear me talk about a lot," head coach Sean McDermott said. "You go back and look at the film and learn from the areas that we need to learn from this tape and continue to try and put our players in a position to make plays. I thought Josh did some really nice things in the game, as did some other people. Some of it was up to our standard, and certainly, some of it wasn't, not getting the result being one of them."

3. Trent Murphy credits Cleveland's game plan

Cleveland's season was on the line against the Bills and the Browns threw everything Buffalo could handle at them.

"We knew they wanted to get this win for sure. We wanted to get this win," Trent Murphy said. "They definitely threw everything and the kitchen sink at us. They ran a lot of different plays, a lot of different personnel groups, and took a couple shots which we expected. It was a good called game."

4. Dawkins: It's on everyone

The Bills loss is because of the inability to perform from the entire team, not one aspect says Dion Dawkins.

"It's every aspect of a football game. From offense to defense to special teams, from left tackle all the way to right tackle. From corner all the way to the other corner. Everything that falls in between, we have to do what is right for the team. It's hard, but we can't beat ourselves."

5. Win got away from us

Lorenzo Alexander feels the Bills let the chance to win get away from them on Cleveland's final, game-winning, drive.

"We let an opportunity get away from us. Had a chance, especially defensively, to get them off the field and we were unable to execute. They made more plays than us at the end of the game. It just sucks, because we fought all game. We put ourselves in a position to win it. We could not execute when we needed to, to finish it out."