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Quote Sheet | Player-driven leadership fuels Buffalo's win over Miami 


1. Tremaine Edmunds delivers pre-game speech

Bills second-year linebacker Tremaine Edmunds took another step forward to lead the team and expressed it to the Bills on Saturday night.

"There really wasn't a reason. It was just what I was feeling at the moment, and those guys got trust in me," Edmunds said. "Me being a leader, I just wanted to take my leadership a step forward and just talk to the team. I don't really want to get in details because it's really for the team. It's really for the players, and I wanted to express that with the players. I think the guys heard me, and I like the way they responded."

Edmunds tied a career-high with 12 tackles on Sunday and added a half a sack, two quarterback hits and a pass defensed.

2. Micah Hyde feels secondary needs to improve

Buffalo's secondary has been the stars of the Bills the entire season but after allowing 300 passing yards to Ryan Fitzpatrick Micah Hyde feels they can clean things up.

"Just speeding up the quarterback a little bit," Hyde said. "We felt like we had good pressure on him in the back end. The ball was going to come out. We felt like we gave him some plays in the back end, but it's easily correctible. Just a good job by the front today just getting after the quarterback. I don't know how many sacks they had, but it seemed like they had a lot."

3. It's the thrill of the fight

Buffalo was the survivor and winner of another week of NFL football. Head coach Sean McDermott praised his team for the way they led themselves.

"I thought they had the eye of the tiger," McDermott said. "They really did. Those guys will tell you; it wasn't an easy week. That just shows the amount of resiliency in the group and the amount of leadership – the player-driven leadership, not my leadership, their leadership – and they take a lot of pride in their work."

4. Josh Allen could breathe just a little

The Bills jumped out to an early lead, but the offense didn't want to try to stop scoring says quarterback Josh Allen.

"A little bit, but we don't want to get content in what we do," Allen said. "Being up however we were, they've got a good quarterback over there that's no stranger to being in those types of situations and rallying a team and bringing them back; so we understood what we had to do. We wanted to continue to move the ball and try to put up as many points as we could and that's what we tried to do."

5. Defensive line dominated

Jordan Phillips and the rest of the defensive line totaled six of the Bills seven sacks today. Needless to say, the Bills had some fun.

"I mean it was a great time," Phillips said. "It didn't feel like we could do any wrong today. Everybody was flying around, everybody was having fun, everybody was playing free. That's Buffalo Bill football."