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Sean McDermott & Brandon Beane discuss the future of Bills Training Camp

Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott - 2018 Buffalo Bills Training Camp at St. John Fisher College, August 15, 2018. Photo by Bill Wippert

For 20 years, the Bills held their Training Camp out in Pittsford, NY at St. John Fisher College. Because of the pandemic in 2020, the team moved their practices to the ADPRO Sports Training Center in Orchard Park and held it there again in 2021. 

Since the Bills moved back to Orchard Park for the summer practices, players and coaches have stated that each place brings different qualities that the team enjoys. With ongoing talks this offseason of heading back to St. John Fisher, both Sean McDermott and Brandon Beane were asked about it at the NFL Scouting Combine. 

"That's certainly been talked about of going back to camp at St. John Fisher, and we'll see where that goes," McDermott said Tuesday. "There's pros and cons to both, really. I think we've documented those over the years and so we'll just see where it goes."

"We enjoyed our time there for sure," Beane added. "COVID kind of took the decision away from us, so that contract expired, but without getting too deep into it, we're really looking at either going back to Fisher this year or staying in Orchard Park. We've just got to work through that process. 

"If everything works out and they want us and we work it out, we would definitely go there. We've had success, but being here, we've done it twice in Orchard Park as well and that's worked well, so we feel like we've got two good options. We'll let some of that play out. I think we'll have something finalized here in the coming weeks."

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