Why the Bills maintain the same goals this week no matter the opponent | Quote Sheet


1. Lee Smith wants to change the story

Lee Smith is in his second stint with the Bills after beginning his career here from 2011-2014. Smith is the only player on the Bills current roster to beat the Patriots with Tom Brady as the quarterback.

"I guess that's wild to think about, I think it's a testament to just how much good ball those guys have played over the years," Smith said. "Obviously, their record speaks for itself. The amount of success they have speaks for itself. So, you know, they got what all of us are after. So hopefully that story changes Sunday. Hopefully there's 53 dudes, that can say the same thing that you just said about me. So we're going to keep preparing just like we have every week and, and go after these guys like with anybody else."

2. Micah Hyde respects the grind

Safety Micah Hyde isn't worried about any national recognition the Bills received after their 3-0 start. Instead, he's focused on the process of the Bills becoming a better football team every day as they work toward the goal of bringing a championship to Buffalo.

"I think respect comes at the end of the season," Hyde said. "I think when the season is all said and done that's when you get your respect. We're not worried about getting the respect right now and you know needing to be on the front page and all that stuff. That comes after the season, that's when we get acknowledged but as of right now we're going to continue to grind and like I said go out there every day and give us a shot on Sunday."

"We got to compete every day in practice continue to get better," Hyde said. "It's not a measuring stick for us at all. It's September. We're not going to win or lose the Super Bowl in September. We understand that we're 3-0 in September right now we're trying to get four and that's all that matters."

3. Lorenzo Alexander: They still have weapons without Gronk

There's one big difference between the Bills and Patriots when they match up this year compared to 2018. The Patriots will be without All-Pro tight end Rob Gronkowski after he retired this offseason.

"Rob is you know, an all-pro style player," Lorenzo Alexander said. "So that's one less guy that you have to worry about. But they have so many weapons over there that it's not like you can let your hair down because I know Rob is not out there. And if Tom Brady and Edelman and this whole crew of guys that they have to come in and out of that game they have the ability to make a lot of great plays. And so obviously, it's a relief that he's not there. But it's still a lot of talent on that team that we do have to prepare for this Sunday."

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4. Jordan Poyer knows this is a huge opportunity for the city

Buffalo is already excited after a 3-0 start but what would it be like after a 4-0 start and win over New England?

"It'd be huge. The city's already buzzing and to be able to come out with a victory on Sunday will be huge for our fans and this organization," Jordan Poyer said. "We want to continue to prepare, we had a good day today of practice and continue to work into beating the Patriots on Sunday."

5. Dion Dawkins knows the o-line needs to keep Josh Allen clean

Dion Dawkins is a fan of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady but it's not his job to protect him, he's going to do whatever he needs to take care of his own guys.

"I really guess all I can say is I love 12 [Brady]," Dawkins said. "I respect his game, and I respect this player. But I got Josh Allen. And that's really all I'm worried about is keeping that kid clean and doing whatever I need to do during this week to make myself better so I can let that kid play as free and fluid as he needs to."

The Bills have four new starters along the offensive line for the Patriots on Sunday. Their cohesiveness will play a large role.

"I love them. And I'm thankful for each and every one of them," Dawkins said. "And we're all brothers and we actually hang out. We love each other and we care about one another and the difference from this year and last year is we're playing for the man next to us and not for ourselves. And that's why I think that this thing has great energy around the Buffalo Bills."