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Videos - April 2017

Published On Title
2017-04-02 Watch: Bills Return for Offseason Conditioning
2017-04-03 McDermott: "Great Energy In the Room"
2017-04-03 Tyrod Taylor: "Team Responded Well to His Message"
2017-04-03 Alexander: "The Coach Sets the Vision"
2017-04-03 Kyle Williams: "It Was An Easy Sell"
2017-04-03 Offseason Conditioning Sights & Sounds
2017-04-03 Micah Hyde:"New Football Team, New Opportunity"
2017-04-04 Draft Memories: Jim Kelly
2017-04-06 Watch: Troy Vincent Speaks at Niagara University
2017-04-11 Draft Memories: Thurman Thomas
2017-04-18 Draft Memories: Bruce Smith
2017-04-20 Jerry Hughes: "Allows Us to Play to Our Strengths"
2017-04-20 Sean McDermott: "Absolutely a Team Effort"
2017-04-20 Watch: Draft Update
2017-04-20 Tyrod Taylor: "Taken Steps in the Right Direction"
2017-04-20 Watch: Buffalo Bills 2017 Schedule
2017-04-21 Richie Incognito: "Energetic Three Days"
2017-04-21 Veteran Mini Camp Sights & Sounds
2017-04-22 Draft Memories: Don Beebe
2017-04-25 Draft Memories: Joe Cribbs
2017-04-25 Watch: Richie Incognito Facebook Live
2017-04-26 Bills Fullback Visits New SPCA Facility
2017-04-26 Coming Soon: 2017 NFL Draft
2017-04-26 Draft Special: Bills Selection
2017-04-26 Draft Special: Mock Draft
2017-04-26 Draft Special: National Perspective
2017-04-26 Draft Special: Back to Work
2017-04-26 Draft Special: Fit for Bills
2017-04-26 Draft Special: Impact Rookies
2017-04-26 Draft Special: Sean McDermott Interview
2017-04-26 Draft Special: Offseason
2017-04-27 Watch: McDermott Pre-Draft Final Thoughts
2017-04-27 It Starts With One - Draft Edition
2017-04-27 John Murphy and Donald Jones react to Bills trade
2017-04-27 JMS reaction to selection of Tre'Davious White
2017-04-27 Bills 1st Rd Pick CB Tre'Davious White joins JMS
2017-04-27 Phone Call with Tre'Davious White
2017-04-27 Sean McDermott: "Very Rarely Can You Do That"
2017-04-27 Watch: Tre'Davious White's 1st Interview as a Bill
2017-04-28 Watch:Bills Trade Down, Draft Tre'Davious White
2017-04-28 Watch: White Meets McDermott and Whaley
2017-04-28 Tre'Davious White: "Opportunity of a Lifetime"
2017-04-28 Zay Jones: "Excited for the Next Step"
2017-04-28 Sean McDermott: "He Will Add to the Mix"
2017-04-28 Bryan Scott announces Bills selection of Dion Dawkins
2017-04-28 Phone Call with Dion Dawkins
2017-04-28 Sean McDermott: "Control The Line of Scrimmage"
2017-04-28 Dion Dawkins: "Work My Tail Off"
2017-04-28 Watch: Bills land Jones and Dawkins in 2nd Round
2017-04-29 Local Kids to Announce Picks from New Era
2017-04-29 Watch: Tre'Davious White Sitdown Interview
2017-04-29 Nathan Peterman: "Excited To Get Started"
2017-04-29 Matt Milano: "I'm Excited to Get Working"
2017-04-29 Tanner Vallejo: "Hard to Put In To Words"
2017-04-29 Sean McDermott: "Continue to Add Players"
2017-04-29 Watch: Bills Conclude 2017 NFL Draft
2017-04-30 Coming Soon: The Newest Bills Connection
2017-04-30 Terry Pegula: "Everybody Needs to Get Better"