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Press Conferences

Sean McDermott: "Great to have Everyone Here"

Bills Head Coach Sean McDermott addresses the media ahead of practice at 2021 Mandatory Minicamp. Topics include: his expectations for the return of Defensive Tackle Star Lotulelei after a season off of football, what the defense gains from getting a player like Lotulelei back into the lineup, whether or not you can quantify what Lotulelei brings to the team as a whole, why he thinks it's important that all three coordinators were able to return for this season, how excited he is to have the team back in WNY at full capacity, the battle at Cornerback between Levi Wallace and Dane Jackson, the importance of having veteran leadership on the defensive line to help the influx of rookies, and how he and the team have educated and encouraged players with regards to the COVID-19 vaccination.