25 questions with Charles Clay


The fourth episode of Buffalo Bills: Embedded, presented by Pepsi, premieres tonight, Sept. 5, at 8 p.m. on Facebook Watch. One of the player's featured in this week's episode is Charles Clay. Buffalobills.com caught up with the veteran tight end to find out more about his life on and off the field.

1. What is your most memorable NFL moment?

Going to the playoffs last year. That entire moment [when we clinched a playoff spot] in the locker room after the 4th-and-12 touchdown that the Bengals had. That moment was probably the best. It was seven years that I'd been in the league and never been to the playoffs, so you get in the routine of just getting used to going home early and it changed everything. [You realize] that's what all that hard work was for, it's all finally paying off. It was a crazy feeling. I haven't been that excited in so long.

2. What's the best part of being a Buffalo Bill?

The best [thing] is being a part of the tradition that comes along with it, the fan love [and] the support.

3. What's it like on game day for you?

It's definitely exciting. It's a lot of fun. It's crazy, I still get goosebumps running out and seeing all the people in the stadium. That's definitely something I still love to this day.

4. Are you a superstitious person? Do you do anything on game day because of it?

I used to be terrible. Now I'm trying to get away from it. For instance, I used to, if I ate a certain thing and I played a good game, I would have to eat the exact same thing [the] next week. If I wore a pair of gloves the previous week and played a good game, I would have to wear the exact same pair the next week. It was basically whatever I did, I would try and do the exact same things. So, if I got to my room the night before and watched a movie, I am going to watch a movie again.

5. If you had a bad week, would you switch it up?

Yes, I switched everything. But it was nothing too crazy.

6. What does a typical day at One Bills Drive look like for you during the season?

I usually get here early in the morning and go through a little warmup for my legs. [Then I] probably contrast in the pool, get a little treatment, go to meetings, get back in the pool, get warmed up, go to practice, more meetings and then probably stretch and do another routine and get some more treatment. I [usually] get here around 6:30 a.m. or so.

7. What is your nutrition plan like during the season?

Right now, I have a company that preps all my meals. It's basically just fish, turkey [and] chicken. I don't eat hardly any red meat. Every now and then I will, usually a little steak. But it's a lot of fruit [and] oatmeal…I think it helps especially with my weight and stuff…I tried the vegan thing during the offseason and I was losing weight fast…It is hard.

8. Is there anything else you don't eat with your diet?

It's really just red meat is the only big thing. It's better for the joints…I definitely do it for performance. I feel a lot better…I talked to Ed Reed not too long ago and I was asking him a bunch of stuff. He helped me a whole lot [with my diet].

9. What are your workouts like?

It's based on body type. My workout would be different from someone [like] Jordan Mills. He might get in there and squat all this weight but for the most part you're trying to maintain. You're not trying to lift too heavy and strain your joints. You're trying to maintain during the season. During the offseason is really when you try and gain most of your strength [and do] a lot more running.

10. What are your hobbies?

[I do yoga], not as much as I used to, but I still do it. I still do Pilates as well.

11. What about when you're with your family?

We watch movies, we go eat. That's usually what we're doing [hanging out with our daughter]. We go to the park and let her play.

Now I see what life is all about. Forever my baby girl.

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12. What is one thing that you hope to pass on to your daughter?

The value of working hard. It's something that my parents passed on to me. I had to work for everything.

13. What is the toughest part about being a professional athlete?

Probably the time that's put into it. [I don't really get] as much time as I'd like with family. I am not as reachable as I'd like to be with talking to family back home. I still talk to them, but you put so much time in that you don't get time to do what you want to do all the time.

14. What's the best dad joke that use you now that you are a dad?

I don't have any dad jokes. There's no such thing as a good dad joke.

15. What was your favorite place to go as a kid?

My grandma's house. Every time I went over there, she was cooking some of the best food you'll ever see.

16. What did she cook?

Everything. She grew all her food. So, when I was little, I'd go over there and help her in her garden sometimes. She had a pear tree in the back. I used to go back there and pick fruit for her. I was always doing something for her to help her out, but she was always cooking the biggest meals. You might go over there and have ribs, cornbread, cabbage [and] meatloaf. It's real country type of stuff.

17. How old were you when you started playing football and what positions did you play?

I was six [years old]. When I first started playing, I was a wide receiver. Then I was a running back and a linebacker. When I got to junior high, it was the same thing – I was a running back and linebacker. When I got to high school, I was a running back and safety and then [when I] got to college [I played] tight end and wide receiver. Technically I was fullback, but I played everything really.

18. Did you play any other sports when you were growing up?

I played basketball, [but] I was more of a street basketball player…I played all the way up until high school organized and then after that it was just [focus on football].

19. What is it like on the team plane when you travel to away games?

A lot of it is based on how early I get there. Most of the time I'm usually sitting with the tight ends, so we'll be grouped up. Depending on how long the flight is, we might play spades. I watch movies, but most of the time we just talk to each other. Most flights aren't very long that we're on unless it's a West Coast flight, then I'm definitely watching movies. On the way back, I sleep. On the way there, I usually don't sleep…

20. Who is your funniest teammate?

There are so many characters. [I would say] Khari Lee.

21. How would your friends describe you?

It depends. A lot of them would say that I'm real laid back, that I'm chill. Some would say that I'm goofy, I'm playful. I joke a lot. I'm real sarcastic. But for the most part, I'm chill – especially since having my daughter.

22. What is your favorite social media account to follow?

Will Smith has a funny account. He's hilarious and then some of his stuff is inspirational. I like hearing him talk too. His speeches are usually pretty good.

23. What is your favorite movie?

My favorite movie is "A Bronx Tale."

24. When you go to the grocery store, what's one thing you can't leave without?

Ice cream, which is bad because no matter what kind of diet I'm on, that's my weakness.

25. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Chocolate chip cookie dough.