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Bills Today: Bills preparing for Josh Rosen and Ryan Fitzpatrick this week 


1. Bills preparing for Josh Rosen and Ryan Fitzpatrick this week

The Miami Dolphins have played two quarterbacks in four of their five games this season, alternating between Josh Rosen and Ryan Fitzpatrick. Last Sunday was no different for the Dolphins. Rosen attempted 25 passes until being benched in favor of Fitzpatrick.

The Dolphins announced that Rosen will be the starting quarterback for the entire season, but Sunday's results would indicate otherwise.

"We'll watch tape on both quarterbacks and try to be prepared for whichever one they decide to start and if they do decide to switch the in the course of the game, hopefully we'll be prepared for that as well," defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier said.

Lorenzo Alexander says the Bills will have to focus on their own scheme to prepare for the possibility of two different quarterbacks.

"The foundation of what they're doing schematically is always the same, it's not going to change drastically," Alexander said. "They're not that much different quarterbacks to you'll get one guy who runs the option and one drops back, they're very similar. Obviously, Fitz has more experience so he could probably do some more things like moving safeties and Rosen being a younger guy isn't as polished. We're going to look at them as what they've done over the first six games of the season and break them down and execute our game plan."

2. Bills anxious to get back on the field after the bye week

The Bills returned to the practice field on Monday. Rookies and veterans returned to the day-to-day of being a professional football player. Ed Oliver, Lorenzo Alexander and Dion Dawkins all went home for the week, but one thing remained constant, they couldn't wait to get back to Buffalo.

"It was definitely different than the day-to-day scheduled here, but I also missed Buffalo a lot," Oliver said. "Going back to my mom's house I don't have my own room anymore and I couldn't wait to get back to my own place."

"After a couple days of the bye week I was like 'alright that's enough of this,'" Oliver added.

Dawkins sentiments were similar.

"The bye week definitely helps with our body and to mentally reset but I am extremely happy to be back. Literally three days into the bye week I'm like 'let's get back let's get this thing going.' It's a blessing to have a week off and days where we can recover but I'm happy to be back," Dawkins said.

Alexander is ready to get back to work but his bye week consisted of sitting poolside in 85-90 degree weather in Arizona.

"I was able to relax, hang with the kids and anytime you get some family time like that, especially family time in this business it's always a blessing," Alexander said.

3. Levi Wallace solidifying the right cornerback spot

Opposing teams are targeting one member of the Bills secondary more than others – Levi Wallace.

Wallace has been targeted 39 times this year, the seventh-most among cornerbacks this season.

But despite teams targeting him, Wallace has solidified his starting spot on the defense and has played on 99 percent of the team's defensive snaps so far.

"Levi has really solidified a position that up until he became a starter was really in flux," defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier said. "It was every week it seemed like we were trying something different at the right corner spot. He's solidifies that and is really an unsung hero in a lot of ways. It gives us a chance to be more flexible."

Frazier admits that the Bills don't have to always match White with the best receiver because of Wallace's strong play.

"We're really pleased with his progress and what he's given us on defense," Frazier said.

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