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Bills Today | Mutual respect between Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes

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1. Mutual respect between Allen and Mahomes

Even though it's two AFC powers squaring off on Monday at Bills Stadium, the two quarterbacks in this game are getting all the attention. Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes have been two of the most prolific quarterbacks in the league thus far this season.

While Mahomes is not new to the spotlight after leading the Chiefs to their first Super Bowl title in 50 years, Allen is looking forward to the chance to face Mahomes and the defending champs.

"It's going to be fun obviously going against a competitor like that," said Allen of Mahomes. "One on the field the things that he does, second to none. The way he can throw off platform and there's eye movement and really his recognition of the game and he's only getting better. So, to go against him it's going to be fun. Obviously it's fun to watch him.

"Off the field I've met him once, but we've gotten a message back and forth a couple times but everything that I've heard and been told about them is just he's a great dude.

"Hopefully we can get at him a couple times, but he's one of those players where you don't want to give him more opportunities than what they're going to get, so I got to be on my 'P's and 'Q's and making sure we're holding on to the ball and making smart decisions with the football."

Meanwhile Mahomes has kept an eye on the improvements Josh has made to his game this season.

"I really respect his game," said Mahomes. "He's someone who has gotten better and better every single year. From everything I've heard and from the people I've been around he works his tail off. He's a guy that I know I'll be facing a lot as our careers go along. It'll be a great opportunity to go against that team and him at quarterback."

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2. Coach Frazier believes D-line chemistry is on the come

Buffalo's defensive line hasn't gotten off to a fast start in 2020. Seeing some of the heaviest player turnover on the roster from last season, defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier admits the chemistry up front hasn't developed quite as fast as they had hoped.

"We've steadily been trying to feel that chemistry both in the classroom as well as on the field and it's probably taken us a little bit longer than we would have liked but a lot of it has to do with the way the preseason went or the lack of a preseason occurred," Frazier said. "And so we're trying to build that chemistry because that's a big part of the success of a unit where they kind of feed off each other, and they have a presence about one another, where they kind of know what this guy is going to do even before he does it. And we just haven't found that symmetry yet amongst our D-line. We just haven't quite got there yet, but we're close. We're not that far away. Hopefully this will be the week because we're going to need it for sure."

In an effort to create a more effective pass rush Frazier said they will consider reducing the amount of player rotation to get the best pass rushing combination of players on the field more often.

"We talked about just identifying who our best rushers are and maybe shrinking that rotation a little bit, because we're not really getting what we want right now," said Frazier. "And that's going to be a big part of our success as we try to turn the corner as a defense so it's something we're talking about and we're looking at and we'll probably make some decisions here real soon."

3. Allen and Diggs make David Carr's Top 15

Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs are the combination seen on lawn signs around Western New York as a mock presidential ticket. But's David Carr likes the combination for different reasons.

That's why he's got both of them in his Top 15 Offensive Players for Week 6. Even though the Bills lost to the Titans last Tuesday, Carr is high on the passing game tandem for Buffalo.

Here was his assessment of Allen, who he ranked 10th.

Josh Allen had an off night on Tuesday, throwing as many interceptions (both to Malcolm Butler)against the Titansas he did touchdown passes. Leading up to Week 5, Allen's accuracy looked much improved, as he routinely hit open targets and floated balls right into his receivers' hands. He missed too many throws to players who were wide openin the loss to Tennessee, completing 63.4 percent of his pass attempts; compare that to his completion rate of 70.9 percent coming into the game. It just wasn't his night.

As for Diggs, Carr had him ranked right behind Allen at 11th.

Even with Allen struggling to hit his targets, Diggs was all over the field making plays in Tuesday's loss, finishing with 10 catches for a game-high 106 yards. He left a few out there, but he's continuing to show his value to the Bills' offense.

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