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BIlls Today | NFL analyst says the Bills don't win Sunday's game without this player

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1. Bills don't win Sunday's game without this player writer Gregg Rosenthal talked about some of the early offseason moves that are paying dividends in season. One of those moves was the Bills bringing playmaker Stefon Diggs to Buffalo. After three weeks, Diggs has 20 receptions for 288 yards and two touchdowns. Rosenthal thinks the Bills don't get the win over the Rams if Diggs isn't there.

The Bills wouldn't have won Sunday without the trade for Stefon Diggs.

Diggs' four catches for 49 yards and a score against the Rams don't leap off the box score -- three Bills had more receiving yards -- but Buffalo would not have defeated Los Angeles without him. Sometimes, it's not about the quantity of plays, just the quality.

Diggs beat Jalen Ramsey one-on-one for a touchdown on third-and-goal from the 4-yard line, reading the field with the same eyes as Josh Allen, just before Allen got hit by Aaron Donald. Diggs and Allen's chemistry has been remarkable for how quickly it has developed. Many of Allen's best throws this season have come out-of-structure, with Diggs understanding where his quarterback needed him to be.

In the fourth quarter, Diggs slow-played Rams corner Darious Williams, waiting until the last moment to extend his hands on a beautiful 23-yard touch pass by Allen. On third-and-25 and with the Bills just 31 seconds away from officially gagging their biggest lead in franchise history, Diggs found a soft spot in the Rams' zone to pick up 17 yards and set up a manageable fourth down.

Diggs' ability to often draw defenders of Ramsey's caliber is part of his value. On a day when John Brown left with an injury early, Diggs' presence opened up the field for Gabriel Davis (four catches, 81 yards) and Cole Beasley (six catches for 100 yards). …

2. A.J. Epenesa making strides in a short amount of time

After being inactive week one against the Jets, A.J. Epenesa has seen more time on the field in weeks two and three. In week two in Miami, Epenesa took 17 snaps on defense which was 23 percent of all defensive snaps for the game. This past Sunday he played 24 snaps, which was 35 percent of all defensive snaps against the Rams. He recorded his first sack on Sunday, and it was a very athletic play from Epenesa, as he chased down Goff on the sideline. Leslie Frazier touched on the rookie's performance, and how far he's come in a short amount of time. 

"I was talking to A.J. during the week, and to our coaches as well about how far he's come," Frazier stated. "From when we started this thing off through Zoom, and then to training camp where you're doing walk-throughs for a few weeks. You're not able to see your high draft pick get out and move around, but to see his growth and then for him to get his first stack, a great effort sack as well. It's a good sign and he's closed the gap with all the time that was missed because of the pandemic. Not having an offseason, and a true training camp in a sense of the word. The fact that he's gotten as good as he has in such a short period of time, and that bodes well for his future and for our future as well."

3. Brian Baldinger is all-in on Josh Allen analyst Brian Baldinger broke down some of the tape from the Bills win on Sunday. He goes over some of Buffalo's key plays in the second half that were instrumental in getting that third win of the season. This is what he had to say about the Bills final play that was a game-winning touchdown.

"After a pass interference penalty, they get the ball first and three at the three, Baldinger explained. "Watch this shift. Here comes Tyler Kroft in motion to a bunch formation. All right, the Rams adjust. Here goes wide receiver Isaiah McKenzie, going across the formation right here. He gets set, it's a two by two set, and now he goes back with Josh Allen directing the orchestra here. He finds Tyler Kroft dragging across the formation. Look at the throw, they haven't had a quarterback like this since Jim Kelly! Imagine if there were fans in the stands, they would be falling all over themselves right now, they'd be falling out of the Rich! Look at Stefon Diggs, look at the celebration, and feel the team chemistry. Look at Cody Ford come over from left guard. He's hugging him like its Christmas morning. …They got a quarterback in Western New York, his name is Josh Allen, and he keeps on doing it!"

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