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Bills Today | NFL Network's Daniel Jeremiah lays out this scenario for the Bills 1st 3 rounds


1. NFL Network's Daniel Jeremiah lays out this scenario for the Bills 1*st* 3 rounds

NFL Network analyst Daniel Jeremiah spoke with other media members ahead of the 2020 NFL Scouting Combine last week. During the call, Jeremiah was asked about the Bills need at wide receiver and if they can wait until the third round to take an offensive target.

"They can wait until the third round if they wanted to and still find guys to come in and help them this year," Jeremiah said. "It's so deep, so loaded. And I think that offense is another one that could use this type of a player that we just discussed of guys you can use on some of the, get them some of the bubbles, some of the easy completions, some of the fly sweeps, all that stuff."

"I think they could find one of these guys outside the first round that would help them there. If you look at Buffalo, the direction they could go, I think finding an edge rusher, finding another corner, interior offensive line, that wouldn't be a bad way to go early; you could always circle back and get yourself a wide receiver. Just comes down to whether or not they love one, if you really love one and you want to get him, go get him. But I think you can make a strong argument that they could hold off and wait on that one."

2. Look for these changes at the 2020 NFL Combine

The NFL Combine officially began on Sunday with the arrival of tight ends, quarterbacks, and wide receivers in Indianapolis. The combine will run through Sunday, March 1 with over 300 prospects participating.

For 2020, the NFL has made changes in three areas.

First, the time of the event has been changed. Typically broadcasted in the morning and early afternoon slots, the combine has shifted to being broadcasted during the late afternoon and primetime all on NFL Network. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday drills will be televised from 4-11 p.m. while Sunday's workouts will be from 2-7 p.m.

Second, there are 16 new drills introduced to the position-specific workouts and 10 existing drills eliminated. Defensive backs are the most affected with more than half of their drills being changed.

NFL scouts are excited to see the new timed smoke route drill that will better reflect the uses of RPO plays in modern offenses and a screen drill for offensive linemen to see their speed on blocking plays. Defensive linemen will run a figure eight pass rush drill that is commonly seen at pro days, to show their bend and lean coming around the edge.

Because of the new timing of the positional workouts, NFL teams will only be able to interview a maximum of 45 players, down from 60. Interviews are only 15 minutes but allow personnel valuable face time with prospects. With the change it will lead to teams potentially at more pro days.

3. plays free agency matchmaker writer Marc Sessler paired each NFL team with an ideal match in 2020 free agency. With some high-profile edge rushers available, Sessler decided on Shaq Barrett, who played for Tampa Bay last season, as a good fit for Buffalo.

This might require a gaggle of Buffalo henchmen kidnapping Bruce Arians after the Bucs coach said Barrett "ain't going anywhere." Adding another layer of complexity, Barrett has crooned about handing Tampa a hometown discount, adoring Florida's income tax scenario and -- most distressing for hopeful Bills fans reading this blurb -- his personal distaste for moving his family across the country. Still, life's minor annoyances don't outweigh his once-in-a-lifetime earning potential after Barrett emerged from the wilderness as a roaming night terror for quarterbacks everywhere with a gaudy 19.5 sacks. His agent will listen to offers -- and why not Buffalo? Bills coach Sean McDermott could evil-cast spells with Barrett paired next to interior behemoth Ed Oliver.

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