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Bills Today | Stefon Diggs gets deep talking about Buffalo

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1. Stefon Diggs gets deep talking about Buffalo

Stefon Diggs thinks he is in the right place at the right time. The Bills wide receiver has made an impact on this Bills team on and off the field. His talent and his leadership have set an example for not only the other wide receivers but everyone else on the team. Diggs is a team-first type of guy that just wants to win over everything else. He explained how his relationships with his teammates and coaches have made Buffalo a perfect fit for him. 

"I feel like it's been it's been perfect here, as far as with the people that I'm around," Diggs said. "Like my coaching staff, not only trusting me but trusting that I'm a guy that they can lean on at times. Not only just football but as far as leading guys and, holding people accountable and knowing that I'm gonna do my best to do my job. … I want the best for everybody. They see how I grind, and they see how much I put into my craft that they respect me. And for me, that means a lot and it means a lot for me as far as being with Josh. We all have jobs in the world, everybody has a job. Either you like your job or you don't like the job, but everybody can agree that you'd like your job a little bit more when you are working with somebody that you love or somebody that you appreciate. To the extent where you'll do anything for them, and not only with Josh but that's how I feel about coach Chad, my position coach. A guy that not only takes care of me mentally but puts me in a space physically, gets me ready to go and gives me that positive energy."

2. Josh Allen reminds Richard Sherman of…

On this week's episode of the Cris Collinsworth Podcast featuring Richard Sherman, Sherman had high praise for Josh Allen. The Super Bowl-winning cornerback said that Josh Allen reminded him the most of Aaron Rodgers. This season, Allen has more passing yards than Rodgers and almost as many total touchdowns. Sherman who has accomplished quite a lot in his 10-year career said that Allen uses his mobility to extend plays and let his receivers get open.  

"It's Aaron [Rodgers], the fact that when he extends it, you have to be super cognizant," Sherman stated. "They ran seven-seven on me one time, and I'm the third defender so I'm obviously responsible for the deeper seven. But when teams seven-seven, the first seven is usually at like 15-yards or so and the second seven is at 30-yards. Their first seven was at 40-yards and their second seven was heading to 70-yards. And so, it stretched me so far down the field, but I still had to go to the high seven, because if I would have took the 40-yard he would have hit the 70-yard. So, that always has to be in your mind because not only can he throw it anywhere he wants, but he can also get it anywhere on the field and that's similar to Aaron. Aaron can throw at 80 yards backside of the field outside the numbers."

3. CBS Sports' Pete Prisco gives this team a narrow edge on Saturday

The divisional round of the 2020 postseason is approaching quickly. The Bills will matchup against the Ravens in the playoffs for the first time in NFL history. According to NFL Media Research, this will be the 12th instance of opposing starting quarterbacks who were first-round picks in the same draft (in common draft era) facing off in the playoffs – the quarterback drafted earlier is 9-2 in the previous 11 matchups. CBS Sports senior writer Pete Prisco made his picks for the upcoming divisional round of the playoffs and has the Bills winning by a slim margin.

Baltimore Ravens at Buffalo Bills

This will be a battle of two star quarterbacks, one who runs it as well as anybody ever has from the position in Lamar Jackson, and the other in Josh Allen, who has been outstanding throwing it this season. The Ravens will make no bones about what they want to do on offense, which is to pound it. They are averaging 262 rushing yards a game in their last six games. The Bills have improved against the run from earlier in the year, but this will be a big challenge. The strategy from coordinator Leslie Frazier will be something to watch in terms of trying to keep Jackson contained. The Ravens defense is back healthy now, which is why they impressed last week against the Titans. But this is a bigger challenge in facing Allen. This will be a close game, but in the end, I think Allen will make the game-winning plays late to pull it out -- but it will be razor-thin close.

Pick: Bills 27, Ravens 26

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