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Terry Pegula puts his best foot forward by designing dog-themed sneakers to support 'A Lending Paw' foundation


For the second consecutive year, Bills Owner & CEO Terry Pegula has taken an active role in supporting the NFL's "My Cause My Cleats" program. The initiative is one that's been embraced by the Bills organization and has even extended outside of the locker room. Given the opportunity to get involved, Pegula joined 150 coaches and front office staff who designed their own pair of sneakers to be worn, in conjunction with the players' cleats, this game day. On his sneakers, Pegula will proudly support "A Lending Paw," an organization that connects men, women and children with rescued and trained service animals. Given the foundation's mission, it was also fitting that Pegula's shoes celebrate the bond he has with his own furry, loveable companion, Sidney.

"The NFL's My Cause My Cleats initiative showcases the wide variety of charitable foundations that the league actively works to support. Our players are extremely enthusiastic about selecting causes that are important to them, and do a great job of using their creativity to raise awareness," said Pegula. "Everyone who knows me, knows that dogs are a big part of my family and my life. That's why I used this opportunity to support a charitable cause close to my daughter that works with like-minded organizations to connect people in need with service animals."

Represented on his beautifully designed blue sneakers, is the foundation's logo, along with Sidney's name, adorable face and a set of paw prints. Sharing her father's love and compassion for animals, Jessie Pegula is currently a volunteer at A Lending Paw, an organization that she helped start.

"Our dogs have meant so much to our family, bringing us even closer together," said Jessie Pegula. "We believe that dogs are extremely special. I see how much joy our dogs bring to my father and my family every day, and I hope that we can bring that same joy to as many people as possible."

For more information and to discover how you can get involved with A Lending Paw, please visit the foundation's website,

In Week 14, many Bills players will take part in the NFL's "My Cause My Cleats" initiative. Each player customized a pair of cleats in honor of a cause they are passionate about, to wear during the game. Click through to see each unique design and discover the stories behind their cleats.

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