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Videos - September 2018

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2018-09-01 Top 5 Josh Allen Plays | 2018 Preseason
2018-09-01 'Top 100 Players of 2018': Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy | No. 30
2018-09-03 GMFB: Bills QB Nathan Peterman is getting the opportunity to rebrand himself
2018-09-03 Coming This Fall: Nathan Peterman
2018-09-03 Sean McDermott: "Earned the Right"
2018-09-03 Nathan Peterman: "Great Opportunity"
2018-09-03 Bills Minute: Peterman Named Starting QB
2018-09-03 Josh Allen: "Continue to Work"
2018-09-05 Week 1: Coffee With the Coach Presented by Tim Hortons
2018-09-05 Bills Minute: McCoy Looks Strong, Defensive Line Healthy
2018-09-05 LeSean McCoy: "Don't Talk About It, Be About It"
2018-09-05 Sean McDermott: "We're Hard at Work Right Now"
2018-09-05 Nathan Peterman: "Just Gotta Keep Improving"
2018-09-06 Trent Murphy: "We Have a Great Room of Guys"
2018-09-06 My View: Nathan Peterman
2018-09-06 Game Preview: Bills at Ravens
2018-09-06 Brian Daboll: "He's Gonna Get His Work"
2018-09-06 Leslie Frazier: "There's Nothing Like It"
2018-09-07 Coming Soon: Bills at Ravens
2018-09-07 Chill with the Bills: Cold Tubs
2018-09-07 Play Football Month 2018
2018-09-07 Eric Wood: "I'm an optimist and enjoying life"
2018-09-08 Sportsology: ECMC
2018-09-09 Bills LB Tremaine Edmunds forces fumble, Matt Milano recovers
2018-09-09 Josh Allen finds Logan Thomas for first down
2018-09-09 Bills vs. Ravens highlights | Week 1
2018-09-10 Josh Allen: "Fifteen More Opportunities to Go Out There and Play Well"
2018-09-10 Bills Minute: Bills Fall to Ravens in Opener
2018-09-10 McDermott: "We've got a lot to learn"
2018-09-10 Peterman: "It was lack of execution"
2018-09-10 McCoy: "Collectively we didn't do well"
2018-09-10 Carubba Collision: Alexander Pass Breakup
2018-09-10 Monday Morning Breakdown: Week 1 
2018-09-10 30 Blitz: Bills at Ravens
2018-09-10 Sean McDermott: "Get Better in Every Area"
2018-09-10 Leslie Frazier: "A Lot More Football to be Played"
2018-09-10 Brian Daboll: "One Game Doesn't Define You"
2018-09-11 Life on the Sidelines: Brian Daboll
2018-09-12 Week 2: Coffee With the Coach Presented by Tim Hortons
2018-09-12 Sean McDermott: "It's the Right Move for Our Team"
2018-09-12 LeSean McCoy: "I Would Draft a Kid Like Him"
2018-09-12 Josh Allen: "Thankful for the Chance to be the Starter"
2018-09-12 Bills Minute: Allen to Start vs. Chargers
2018-09-13 Film Room: Tremaine Edmunds
2018-09-13 Ryan Groy: "Excited For A New Week"
2018-09-13 Micah Hyde: "Back to Fundamentals"
2018-09-13 What’s the Scoop: Marcus Murphy
2018-09-13 Game Preview: Chargers vs Bills
2018-09-13 2018 Car Magnets Available
2018-09-13 Andy Major: "Safety is the #1 Priority"
2018-09-14 Coming Soon: Bills vs. Chargers
2018-09-14 McDermott: "Leadership is Important"
2018-09-14 Chill with the Bills: Dawkins Cafeteria Tour
2018-09-15 Sportsology: ECMC - Milano Tackle for Loss
2018-09-15 Bills Baby: Cutest Puppy
2018-09-15 ECMC and Bills Collaborate on New Trauma Center
2018-09-16 One Buffalo Organization of the Game Award: Buffalo Police Athletic League
2018-09-16 Allen shows off his arm on 57-yard completion
2018-09-16 Ivory goes up the middle for a touchdown 
2018-09-16 Allen fires to Clay for 21 yards
2018-09-16 McCoy sprints into the open field for 27-yard gain
2018-09-16 Ivory dodges tackles for a 30-yard gain
2018-09-16 Josh Allen throws first career touchdown pass
2018-09-16 DiMarco makes great catch
2018-09-16 Every Josh Allen throw in first game as starter | Week 2
2018-09-16 Chargers vs. Bills highlights | Week 2
2018-09-16 Josh Allen: "Lot of Lessons to Learn from this Game"
2018-09-16 Sean McDermott: "Didn't Make Plays"
2018-09-16 Jordan Poyer: "We Had Some Halftime Adjustments"
2018-09-16 Trent Murphy: "Focused on the Process"
2018-09-16 Bills Minute: Allen's First Start
2018-09-17 Carubba Collision: Jerry Hughes Sacks Rivers
2018-09-17 Monday Morning Breakdown: Week 2
2018-09-17 First Responder Ceremony
2018-09-17 30 Blitz: Bills vs. Chargers
2018-09-17 Sean McDermott: "It's a Delicate Balance"
2018-09-17 Brian Daboll: "Gotta Continue to Get Better"
2018-09-17 Leslie Frazier: "I Like the Fight Our Guys Showed"
2018-09-18 Life on the Sidelines: Bill Teerlinck
2018-09-19 Week 3: Coffee With the Coach Presented by Tim Hortons
2018-09-19 Sean McDermott: "It'll Be a Good Challenge for Us"
2018-09-19 Josh Allen: "Whatever Helps Us Win Football Games"
2018-09-19 LeSean McCoy: "They're A Tough Group"
2018-09-19 Bills Minute: Offensive Improvements and Secondary Cohesion
2018-09-20 Jerry Hughes: "Start Fast"
2018-09-20 Jordan Poyer: "They Have Explosive Players"
2018-09-20 Game Preview: Bills vs Vikings
2018-09-20 Film Room: Josh Allen's First Career Start
2018-09-21 Coming Soon: Bills vs. Vikings
2018-09-21 McDermott: "It's always a team effort"
2018-09-21 Chill with the Bills: Police Ride Along
2018-09-21 Better Half of the Bills: Amanda Hyde
2018-09-22 Sportsology: ECMC - Josh Allen's First Career TD
2018-09-22 Bills Baby: Best Singer
2018-09-23 Josh Allen finds Charles Clay for a 13-yard gain
2018-09-23 Can't-Miss Play: Josh Allen 10-yard TD run
2018-09-23 Trent Murphy comes up with huge strip sack on Cousins
2018-09-23 Jerry Hughes chases down Cousins for strip sack
2018-09-23 Josh Allen finds Jason Croom for a 26-yard touchdown 
2018-09-23 Josh Allen finishes first down run with a big hurdle
2018-09-23 Josh Allen rolls out to find Chris Ivory for a big 55-yard catch and run
2018-09-23 Josh Allen caps off the drive with a leaping 1-yard TD run
2018-09-23 Josh Allen connects with Andre Holmes for a 22-yard catch and run
2018-09-23 Can't-Miss Play: Matt Milano makes incredible INT on tipped pass
2018-09-23 Bills vs. Vikings highlights | Week 3
2018-09-23 Every Bills forced turnover | Week 3
2018-09-23 Every Josh Allen throw vs. Vikings | Week 3
2018-09-23 Watch: Post Game Speech
2018-09-23 Lorenzo Alexander: "Every Week We Try to Emphasize Respect for the Ball"
2018-09-23 Sean McDermott: "They Earned It By the Way They Prepared During the Week"
2018-09-23 Jerry Hughes: "It was Great Complementary Football"
2018-09-23 Josh Allen: "I was Just Trying to Ignite a Spark in our Team"
2018-09-23 Tre'Davious White: "We Played Like the Defense That We Know We Could Be"
2018-09-24 Bills Minute: Bills Win 27-6 vs Vikings
2018-09-24 Monday Morning Breakdown: Week 3
2018-09-24 Carubba Collision: Milano Sacks Cousins
2018-09-24 30 Blitz: Bills vs Vikings
2018-09-24 What was the biggest surprise of Week 3 in the NFL?
2018-09-24 How the Bills upset Vikings on the road in Week 3 | Baldy's Breakdowns
2018-09-24 Sean McDermott: "Developing a Young Football Team"
2018-09-24 Daboll: "You've got to be smart"
2018-09-24 Leslie Frazier: "Starting Fast"
2018-09-25 Peter Schrager: Buffalo Bills are no punch line
2018-09-25 BBR: Micah Hyde – Pass It On
2018-09-26 Week 4: Coffee With the Coach Presented by Tim Hortons
2018-09-26 Sean McDermott: "Getting Better Every Rep, Every Day"
2018-09-26 LeSean McCoy: "I'm Playing"
2018-09-26 Josh Allen: "Hopefully We'll Carry Some Momentum"
2018-09-26 Bills Minute: Shady Practices, Hyde Faces Old Team
2018-09-26 Film Room: Top Plays vs. Minnesota Vikings
2018-09-27 Game Preview: Bills vs Packers
2018-09-27 Kay Adams: Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen has a 'Cam Newton thing going on'
2018-09-27 Play 60 Kickoff Party at ADPRO Sports Training Center
2018-09-28 Coming Soon: Bills at Packers
2018-09-28 Chill with the Bills: Locker Room Tour
2018-09-28 Lorenzo Alexander’s Chocolate-Selling Challenge
2018-09-29 Sportsology: ECMC - Josh Allen's Pylon Dive
2018-09-29 The Drive Home with Micah Hyde
2018-09-29 Bills Baby: Kid Pic
2018-09-30 Poyer picks Rodgers to end consecutive passes without INT streak 
2018-09-30 Josh Allen launches deep ball to Kelvin Benjamin for 34-yard gain
2018-09-30 Siran Neal sacks Rodgers 
2018-09-30 Taron Johnson pops ball from Rodgers, Kyle Williams recovers for Bills
2018-09-30 Bills vs. Packers highlights | Week 4
2018-09-30 Sean McDermott: "Continue To Develop"
2018-09-30 Josh Allen: "Learn From Today"