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Fan Mailbag: Asking what's best for Allen going forward


Bills fans questions focused largely on quarterback to no one's surprise, with injury compromising the position in a big way for the team this season.

The natural focus has been Josh Allen, who returned to the practice setting and has been participating on a limited basis. The question a lot of fans asked was the same one. When Allen is fully healthy, should he play or learn from the sidelines?

Remember you can always send your questions to me @ChrisBrownBills

1 – From **@tnfp69**: Do you believe the best place for Allen is on the sidelines learning and getting healthy as the original plan was or should he go in as the starter now and struggle with no protection and pickup bad habits that most of our past QB's picked up? Thanks

CB: Provided he's healthy and has no risk of re-injury, Josh Allen has to play. Among the QB candidates in the draft this past spring, the general consensus among the draftniks, for whatever that's worth, was that he needed the most development going forward.

The fastest way to develop is on the field. So he has to play. I respect the bad habits argument, but I think the pros outweigh the cons.

2 – From **@Mikeybeit**: Chris, can u see the Bills trying to re-sign any of these Def FAs? K. Williams, J. Phillips and L. Alexander. So we can spend more time addressing the Offensive side of the ball come FA and the draft.

CB: The Kyle decision will probably be up to him in terms of whether he wants to continue his career. Phillips has been a good addition and Alexander is still wreaking havoc as a pass rusher, so I'd expect them to try to re-sign both.

3 – From **@pauldubourt**: Do you see us finding enough OL talent this offseason to fix our issues? I get the impression we are without an identity for our OL - athletes vs road graders in the scheme?

CB: There are enough veteran players out there to re-tool this group. The Bills will likely need to use free agency and the draft to get it where they want it. Your identity comment is well founded. When you have an offensive line that has trouble establishing the line of scrimmage week to week it's hard to evaluate what they can execute effectively in terms of scheme.

4 – From **@WorldWeid**: What do you think is the #1 priority in next year's draft? OL, WR, DL something else?

CB: This is hard to predict because offensive line or wide receiver for example, might be positional needs they address in free agency, thereby reducing the priority in pursuing one in the draft pool.

I expect the Bills to be aggressive at those two positions in free agency to acquire a few proven players. That wouldn't preclude them from taking an OL or WR on the first two days, but I think you see where I'm going.

Perhaps the best way to put it is to say as for offseason positional needs, OL, WR, LB, TE, CB, RB could all be addressed, but those top two are must-dos.

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