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Fan Mailbag: Wide receiver options

A lot of fans are interested in just about any receiver that hits the open market. Rishard Matthews is the latest after he asked for and was granted his release from the Titans. Some trade questions as well to peak everyone's interest, so let's get started.

Don't forget each week you can send your questions to me @ChrisBrownBills

1 - From **@DarrellF29**: I know it's way early but given Brandon Beane's propensity for making trades, do you foresee any big ones happening this season or is it gonna be a hold on splash moves until next year? Based on your opinion of course...

CB: The Bills cap situation this year, and next year, would seem to indicate that most "splash moves," as you call them, would take place in the 2019 offseason.

That being said, none of us can predict what kind of a deal might come from another team's GM to Beane. One thing we can say is if Brandon Beane is presented with an offer that he feels makes the Bills better, and the team's fiscal situation can handle it in both the short and long term, he's not shy about pulling the trigger.

2 - From **@D0ugSt0ne**: Do you think the Bills should take a look at Rishard Matthews? Solid veteran guy......thoughts

CB: The attractive part about Matthews game is he has a proven history of production when given the opportunity. In his three years as a starter (2015-2017), one with Miami and two with Tennessee, he posted 161 receptions for 2,402 yards and 17 touchdowns over 41 game appearances.

Those numbers don't average out to anything dramatic on a per game basis (4 rec/gm, 58 yds/gm, .4 TDs/gm), but he was never top two on the receiver depth chart except for the 2016 season when he broke out with a 65-catch season for almost 1,000 yards and nine touchdowns. And that was with a young Marcus Mariota at QB.

That might be the most attractive quality for the Bills with Matthews if they are in fact interested. He has experience with a young QB and was productive.

We'll have to wait and see where he lands.

3 – From **@PrinceOfAvalar**: How did Ryan Lewis look in coverage last week? Didn't hear his name, much on Sunday.

CB: Truthfully, Lewis wasn't targeted much in the game. It was due in part to the fact that Lewis often lined up across from Laquon Treadwell, who was targeted just four times in the game. He gave up a few underneath completions, which based on the way the game was going mattered little.

Based on how lopsided the game got so early, the guys on the back end were playing more off coverage just to keep everything in front of them. In reviewing the All-22 tape, I think it's safe to say that Lewis wasn't tested much in this game.

That's not Lewis' fault, who played well in run support and for the most part tackled well in the open field. I only had him with one missed tackle.

If Lewis starts opposite Tre'Davious White on Sunday, I would expect the Packers to test him much more, especially after seeing the solid game that White played matched up with Stefon Diggs.

4 - From **@SThekoolaid**: I'm just curious why we have 10 offensive linemen on the active roster when we are so thin in other position groups? I know there are rules that apply when we picked up Ike Boettger off KC's practice squad. Why pick up Sirles? Are the other guys not good enough? Why keep them?

CB: I'll admit that 10 offensive linemen is a bit higher than normal. Most NFL rosters peak at eight or nine. My suspicion is the number is due to a need for the team to develop legitimate depth behind the five starters.

Behind the five starters there is very little NFL experience in terms of regular season game time. Ryan Groy and newly acquired OL Jeremiah Sirles are the exceptions.

It wouldn't surprise me if the offensive staff has decided to try and develop as many younger players as possible and see which ones show the most promise. Most of them are probably pretty even in terms of ability. So the task becomes, which players can most effectively push their personal game forward.

As for some of the other positions that are a bit thin, like cornerback or wide receiver, it's a function of keeping larger numbers at positions like O-line and defensive line. You only have 53 spots on the roster. So a surplus at one position means you go a little lighter at another.

5 - From **@Steph49314851**: Any chance Jerry Hughes could be in talks for his first pro bowl?!?

CB: Hughes is off to a very good start. He currently leads the league in QB pressures with 21 in the first three games (tied with Khalil Mack). Fifteen of them came in his Week 3 performance. So long as he can keep logging pressures and sacks, he has a good chance to get to his first Pro Bowl, which has only been helped with Mack now in the NFC.

The Buffalo Bills will travel to take on the Green Bay Packers Week 4. In anticipation for the matchup, we take a look at the opponents through the years.

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