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Videos - April 2016

Published On Title
2016-04-04 Watch: Jim Kelly Looks at QB's Wentz and Hogan
2016-04-06 Watch: Jim Kelly Looks at QB's Goff and Prescott
2016-04-07 Whaley on Taylor: "We want him to be the guy"
2016-04-07 Whaley: Rex and Rob is nothing but positive
2016-04-08 Watch: Jim Kelly Looks at QB's Cook and Lynch
2016-04-11 Watch: Mark Kelso Looks at Two Top DB Prospects
2016-04-12 Watch: Mark Kelso Looks at DBs Joseph and Thompson
2016-04-12 Register Now for the Health & Wellness Challenge!
2016-04-14 Watch: Kelso takes a look at LBs Jack and Jones
2016-04-14 14 Days to the Draft Countdown: Jim Kelly
2016-04-14 Watch: Bills Return to Primetime in 2016
2016-04-15 Watch: Kelso takes a look at LBs Ragland and Floyd
2016-04-17 Watch: Bills Return for Offseason Conditioning
2016-04-18 Rex Ryan: "This is a huge challenge to our team"
2016-04-18 Watch: 2016 Offseason Conditioning Begins
2016-04-18 Tyrod Taylor: "I'm here to work"
2016-04-18 Aaron Williams: "We will be a lot better"
2016-04-19 Watch: Tasker looks at WRs Treadwell and Shepard
2016-04-19 Richie Incognito: "I'm Pumped"
2016-04-20 Doug Whaley: "Tyrod is our starter"
2016-04-20 Jim Monos: "These QBs are coached up well"
2016-04-20 Doug Whaley: "There's depth in a lot of areas"
2016-04-20 Whaley, Monos, Fisher Talk 2016 Draft
2016-04-21 Watch: Tasker looks at WRs Doctson and Coleman
2016-04-21 Watch: Healthy Food Options at Newbury St
2016-04-25 Watch: Brown takes a look at Rankins and Reed
2016-04-26 Watch: Brown Looks at DE's Spence and Lawson
2016-04-27 Bills Run Deep
2016-04-27 2016 NFL.com Live Mock Draft: Bills No. 19
2016-04-27 Draft Special: Bills Selection
2016-04-27 Draft Special: Mock Draft
2016-04-27 Draft Special: National Perspective
2016-04-27 Draft Special: Draft Room
2016-04-27 Draft Special: Fit For Bills
2016-04-27 Draft Special: Impact Rookies
2016-04-27 Draft Special: Whaley Interview
2016-04-27 Draft Special: Offseason
2016-04-28 Watch: Draft Day Has Arrived
2016-04-28 Watch: Whaley Final Pre-Draft Thoughts
2016-04-28 Shaq Lawson family pep talk
2016-04-28 Bills Pick Shaq Lawson No. 19
2016-04-28 Watch: Doug Whaley discuss Shaq Lawson pick
2016-04-28 Watch: Shaq Lawson Highlights
2016-04-28 Watch: 19th overall pick Shaq Lawson
2016-04-28 Watch: Lawson Lands in Bills Lap on Day 1
2016-04-29 Lawson: "I'm Ready To Get On That Field"
2016-04-29 2016 Draft profile: LB Reggie Ragland, Alabama
2016-04-29 Get To Know Linebacker Reggie Ragland
2016-04-29 Watch: Bills pick Reggie Ragland No. 41
2016-04-29 Reggie Ragland: 'Can't wait to get started'
2016-04-29 Listen - Ragland: "Always Wanted to Play for Rex"
2016-04-29 Watch: Reggie Ragland Highlights
2016-04-29 Watch: Doug Whaley Discuss Ragland Pick
2016-04-29 2016 Draft Profile: DT Adolphus Washington, OhioSt
2016-04-29 Watch: Bills pick Adolphus Washington No. 80
2016-04-29 Listen - Washington: "I'm Ready To go"
2016-04-29 Watch: Doug Whaley discuss Washington pick
2016-04-29 Watch: Bills Continue To Add to Defense on Day 2
2016-04-30 Watch: Draft Party
2016-04-30 Bills pick Cardale Jones No. 139
2016-04-30 Watch: Cardale Jones Highlights
2016-04-30 Watch: Whaley and Monos discuss Jones pick
2016-04-30 Listen - Jones "It was a great feeling."
2016-04-30 Listen - Williams: "I'm ready to play again"
2016-04-30 Watch: Jonathan Williams Highlights
2016-04-30 Listen - Listenbee: "Fastest Player In The NFL"
2016-04-30 Listen - Seymour: "It's Gonna Be Great"
2016-04-30 Watch: Whaley and Rex Recap the 2016 Draft Class
2016-04-30 Watch: Day 3 And Full Draft Recap