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Videos - December 2017

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2017-12-01 Watch: What’s the Scoop with Stephen Hauschka
2017-12-01 Sean McDermott: "Continue to Grow"
2017-12-01 Diamond in the Rough: DE Eddie Yarbrough
2017-12-01 Coming Soon: Patriots vs Bills
2017-12-02 Watch: Patriots-Bills Preview
2017-12-03 Bills RB LeSean McCoy takes toss for 18-yard first down
2017-12-03 Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor runs down sideline
2017-12-03 Joe Webb keeps it, takes it up the middle for 22 yards
2017-12-03 Bills DT Adolphus Washington sacks Tom Brady
2017-12-03 Bills wide receiver Zay Jones pulls in a 12-yard catch
2017-12-03 Tre'Davious White picks off Tom Brady to halt drive
2017-12-03 New England Patriots vs. Buffalo Bills highlights | Week 13
2017-12-03 Peterman: "Just Trying to be Ready"
2017-12-03 Sean McDermott: "Continue to Get Better"
2017-12-03 McCoy: "We just didn't execute"
2017-12-03 Alexander: "Move on, learn from it"
2017-12-03 Watch: Patriots 23-Bills 3
2017-12-04 Watch: Stats that Stood Out in Loss to the Patriots
2017-12-04 Call of the Game: Kyle Williams Sacks Brady
2017-12-04 Carubba Collision: Washington Sack
2017-12-04 Sean McDermott: "Find Ways to Score Points"
2017-12-04 Leslie Frazier: "Playing a Complete Game"
2017-12-04 Rick Dennison: "Make Plays"
2017-12-04 30 Blitz: Patriots vs Bills
2017-12-05 Wired for Sound: Zay Jones
2017-12-05 Life on the Sidelines: Juan Castillo
2017-12-06 Coffee With the Coach Presented by Tim Hortons
2017-12-06 Colts at Bills Game Preview Week 14
2017-12-06 Sean McDermot: "Continue to Develop"
2017-12-06 LeSean McCoy: "Play Together as a Team"
2017-12-06 Nathan Peterman: "Ready to Play"
2017-12-06 Micah Hyde: "Every Game is Important"
2017-12-06 Watch: Taylor a No Go, Benjamin & White Limited
2017-12-06 Kelvin Benjamin: "I Just Wanna Play Ball"
2017-12-07 Brandon Reilly: "Better Late Than Never"
2017-12-07 Zay Jones: "We Have to Make Bigger Plays"
2017-12-07 Tre'Davious White: "I am Good"
2017-12-07 Lorenzo Alexander: 2017 Buffalo Bills Man of the Year
2017-12-08 Watch: Colts-Bills Preview
2017-12-08 Jordan Poyer: "Exciting Time of Year"
2017-12-08 Preston Brown: "Tough Challenge"
2017-12-08 By The Numbers: WR Zay Jones
2017-12-08 Sean McDermott: "Game Time Decision"
2017-12-08 Diamond in the Rough: QB Joe Webb
2017-12-08 Coming Soon: Colts vs Bills
2017-12-09 What’s the Scoop with Jerry Hughes
2017-12-10 Brownie Point: Kyle Williams QB Pressure
2017-12-10 Brownie Point: Washington Stops Gore on 3rd Down
2017-12-10 Brownie Point: Peterman Back Shoulder Throw
2017-12-10 Brownie Point: Blocking on Game Winning TD
2017-12-10 Snow can't stop LeSean McCoy on 25-yard rush
2017-12-10 LeSean McCoy rushes through the snow for a first down
2017-12-10 Colts vs. Bills highlights | Week 14
2017-12-10 LeSean McCoy conquers the snow, hurdles over defender for huge gain
2017-12-10 Bills wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin makes the catch for a 21-yard gain
2017-12-10 Can't-Miss Play: Kelvin Benjamin gets up for his first TD as a Bill
2017-12-10 LeSean McCoy breaks loose in the open field for a gain of 8 yards
2017-12-10 Bills defensive end Ryan Davis sacks Jacoby Brissett
2017-12-10 LeSean McCoy Top 5 snow runs | Week 14
2017-12-10 Joe Webb dodges defenders and rushes for 12 yards
2017-12-10 Bills QB Joe Webb rushes for 9 yards and picks up a first down
2017-12-10 Joe Webb fires to Deonte Thompson for a 34-yard gain
2017-12-10 Can't-Miss Play: LeSean McCoy plows through the snow and scores 21-yard touchdown
2017-12-10 Buffalo Bills players celebrate the win in the snow with their fans
2017-12-10 Watch: Sean McDermott's Postgame Speech
2017-12-10 Sean McDermott: "Big Time Performance"
2017-12-10 McCoy: "We Had to Get it Done"
2017-12-10 Webb: "The Team Rallied"
2017-12-10 Micah Hyde: "Happy to Get the Victory"
2017-12-10 White: "All About the Field Position"
2017-12-10 Benjamin: "I Enjoyed Myself"
2017-12-10 Watch: McCoy Strong in Snow
2017-12-11 Wired for Sound: Kyle Williams
2017-12-11 Watch: Stats that Stood Out in Win Over Colts
2017-12-11 Call of the Game: LeSean McCoy Game Winning Touchdown
2017-12-11 Carubba Collision: Ryan Davis Sack
2017-12-11 Sean McDermott: "Moving Forward"
2017-12-11 30 Blitz: Colts vs Bills
2017-12-11 Rick Dennison: "Adjustments As We Went"
2017-12-11 Leslie Frazier: "Our Guys Battled"
2017-12-12 Bills Host Play 60 Party at One Bills Drive
2017-12-12 Top 5 LeSean McCoy snow runs | Week 14
2017-12-12 Beyond Blue and Red: Lorenzo Alexander
2017-12-13 Coffee With the Coach Presented by Tim Hortons
2017-12-13 Dolphins at Bills Game Preview Week 15
2017-12-13 Sean McDermott: "Work In Progress"
2017-12-13 Tyrod Taylor: "Prepare The Best We Can"
2017-12-13 Watch: Taylor Moving Well, Benjamin Limited
2017-12-13 LeSean McCoy: "We Need Big Wins"
2017-12-13 Kyle Williams: "Accomplish our goal"
2017-12-14 Eric Wood: "Narrow Focus"
2017-12-14 Jerry Hughes: "We Gotta Come Out Victorious"
2017-12-14 Lorenzo Alexander: "Create Turnovers"
2017-12-14 'Sound FX': Lorenzo Alexander and Bills battle in winter wonderland
2017-12-14 What’s the Scoop with Kelvin Benjamin
2017-12-15 Micah Hyde: "Every game is a playoff game"
2017-12-15 Jordan Poyer: "One Game At A Time"
2017-12-15 Sean McDermott: "He's Good To Go"
2017-12-15 Watch: An In Depth Look at Joe Webb
2017-12-15 Diamond in the Rough: DE Ryan Davis
2017-12-15 Bills Kids Say the Darndest Things
2017-12-15 Coming Soon: Dolphins vs. Bills
2017-12-16 Watch: Dolphins-Bills Preview
2017-12-16 Bud Light Friendship Challenge
2017-12-17 Brownie Point: Poyer Pass Breakup
2017-12-17 Brownie Point: Ryan Davis Sack
2017-12-17 Brownie Point: Eric Wood Block on McCoy TD Run
2017-12-17 Brownie Point: Pitts Downs Punt at the 1 Yard Line
2017-12-17 Bills QB Tyrod Taylor scrambles and finds Shady for a first down
2017-12-17 Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor finds tight end Nick O'Leary for 25 yards
2017-12-17 Bills RB LeSean McCoy is provided with a wide open lane into the end zone
2017-12-17 Bills tight end Charles Clay breaks tackle, turns short catch into 21-yard play
2017-12-17 Bills CB Tre'Davious White intercepts Miami QB Jay Cutler to end the game
2017-12-17 Bills running back Travaris Cadet bursts down the sideline for a 12-yard gain
2017-12-17 Bills DE Ryan Davis dives for shoestring tackle to bring down Cutler, forces field goal
2017-12-17 Bills running back LeSean McCoy shows off his speed for a first down
2017-12-17 LeSean McCoy jukes Dolphins to get to 10,000 career yards
2017-12-17 Bills running back LeSean McCoy caps off 10k milestone with a TD
2017-12-17 Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor perfects a floater to tight end Charles Clay for a 29-yard gain
2017-12-17 Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor takes it himself for a 9-yard rushing TD
2017-12-17 Miami QB Jay Cutler intercepted by Bills safety Jordan Poyer
2017-12-17 Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor turns third-and-8 into a 17-yard rush
2017-12-17 Bills CB Shareece Wright picks Miami quarterback Jay Cutler
2017-12-17 Bills WR Brandon Tate turns short pass into 21-yard gain
2017-12-17 Bills DE Cap Capi strips ball from Cutler
2017-12-17 Top 5 LeSean McCoy plays | Week 15
2017-12-17 Top 5 Tyrod Taylor plays | Week 15
2017-12-17 Bills cornerback Tre'Davious White celebrates with Bills fans after game ending INT
2017-12-17 Dolphins vs. Bills highlights | Week 15
2017-12-17 Watch: Sean McDermott's Postgame Speech
2017-12-17 Sean McDermott: "Get Better and Grow"
2017-12-17 Tyrod Taylor: "Take It One Game at a Time"
2017-12-17 McCoy: "The Mindset was to Get the Win"
2017-12-17 White: "We Defend the Home Dirt"
2017-12-17 Williams: "We Have to Keep Going"
2017-12-17 Watch: Bills with 3 TD's and 3 INT's in Win over Miami
2017-12-18 Watch: Stats that Stood Out in Win Over Miami
2017-12-18 Call of the Game: Taylor TD Pass to McCoy
2017-12-18 Carubba Collision: Davis Sack
2017-12-18 Sean McDermott: "Stay Focused on Ourselves"
2017-12-18 Leslie Frazier: "Keep Playing"
2017-12-18 Rick Dennison: "The Best Half"
2017-12-18 30 Blitz: Dolphins vs Bills
2017-12-19 Wired for Sound: LeSean McCoy
2017-12-19 Eddie Royal: Tyrod Taylor can get it done for Buffalo
2017-12-19 Mike Tolbert: Full-Hearted
2017-12-19 Watch: Bills 2018 Pro Bowlers
2017-12-20 Coffee With the Coach Presented by Tim Hortons
2017-12-20 Sean McDermott: "Challenge To Get Better"
2017-12-20 Watch: Tre'Davious White Highlights
2017-12-20 LeSean McCoy: "Play Smart Football"
2017-12-20 Tyrod Taylor: "This Community Deserves the Playoffs"
2017-12-20 Micah Hyde: "It's A Blessing"
2017-12-20 Watch: Bills Prep for New England
2017-12-21 Richie Incognito: "Control The Offense"
2017-12-21 Tre'Davious White: "I'm A Competitor"
2017-12-22 Bills Players Spread Holiday Cheer
2017-12-22 Jordan Poyer:"Gotta Be On Your A-Game"
2017-12-22 Sean McDermott: "Playing Our Best Football"
2017-12-22 Diamond in the Rough: TE Charles Clay
2017-12-22 Coming Soon: Bills vs Patriots
2017-12-23 Watch: Bills-Patriots Preview
2017-12-23 Watch: Bills Players Sing Holiday Favorites
2017-12-24 Tyrod Taylor passes deep to Deonte Thompson for 46-yard gain
2017-12-24 Can't-Miss Play: Jordan Poyer picks off Tom Brady, takes it back for a TD
2017-12-24 Shady shakes defenders out of their shoes on 39-yard catch-and-run
2017-12-24 Kelvin Benjamin gains 35 yards on catch-and-run
2017-12-24 Jerry Hughes sacks Tom Brady
2017-12-24 Bills vs. Patriots highlights | Week 16
2017-12-24 Top 5 LeSean McCoy plays
2017-12-24 Sean McDermott: "I Saw it as a Touchdown, I'm at a Loss"
2017-12-24 Benjamin: "We Need to be Better"
2017-12-24 McCoy: "You put so much into it"
2017-12-24 Taylor: "A Lack of Execution"
2017-12-24 Watch: Patriots Pull Away in Fourth Quarter
2017-12-25 Toyota Rookie Club Kids Holiday Party
2017-12-25 Watch: Stats that Stood Out vs Patriots
2017-12-26 Call of the Game: Poyer Pick 6
2017-12-26 Carubba Collision: Pitts Special Teams Tackle
2017-12-26 30 Blitz: Bills vs Patriots
2017-12-26 Sean McDermott: "Our Work Isn't Done Yet"
2017-12-26 Leslie Frazier: "Keep Battling"
2017-12-27 Wired for Sound: Poyer and Hyde
2017-12-27 Coffee With the Coach Presented by Tim Hortons
2017-12-27 Rick Dennison: "Score Touchdowns"
2017-12-27 Sean McDermott: "Plays Well Together"
2017-12-27 LeSean McCoy: "Put Everything On The Line"
2017-12-27 Tyrod Taylor: "Whatever It Takes To Get A Win"
2017-12-27 Kyle Williams: "Preparing The Best I Can"
2017-12-27 Watch: Dolphins Week Prep, Injury Updates
2017-12-28 Jordan Poyer: "Sky's The Limit For Us"
2017-12-28 Eric Wood: "We're Fired Up"
2017-12-28 Brandon Beane hosts winner of Jr. GM for a Day Contest
2017-12-28 Mad Minute: Bills vs. Dolphins
2017-12-29 Sean McDermott: "Set The Tone"
2017-12-29 Diamond in the Rough: P Colton Schmidt
2017-12-29 Coming Soon: Bills vs Dolphins
2017-12-30 Watch: Bills-Dolphins Preview
2017-12-31 Kyle Williams powers into the end zone
2017-12-31 Bills RB LeSean McCoy picks up first down
2017-12-31 Bills QB Tyrod Taylor finds wide open tight end Nick O'Leary for a TD
2017-12-31 Jack Nicklaus reacts to his grandson Nick O'Leary's TD
2017-12-31 Bills QB Tyrod Taylor finds wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin for 18-yard gain
2017-12-31 Bills KSteven Hauschka nails 49-yard field goal
2017-12-31 Bills safety Jordan Poyer intercepts Miami Dolphins quarterback David Fales to put the game on ICE
2017-12-31 Bills FB Mike Tolbert picks up extra yards
2017-12-31 Bills vs. Dolphins highlights | Week 17
2017-12-31 Watch: Kyle Williams Victory Speech
2017-12-31 Watch: The Have Made the Playoffs
2017-12-31 Watch: Locker Room and Fan Celebration
2017-12-31 Eric Wood: "Everyone's 0-0 now"
2017-12-31 Kyle Williams: "I'm starting my own 10k chase"
2017-12-31 Sean McDermott: "It's Been a Long Time Coming"
2017-12-31 Tyrod Taylor: "It Doesn't Just Stop Here"