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Videos - October 2017

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2017-10-01 Brownie Point: Taylor Eludes Pressure for 1st Down
2017-10-01 Brownie Point: Tyrod Taylor Picks up 1st Down
2017-10-01 Brownie Point: Dawkins Dives on Loose Ball
2017-10-01 Brownie Point: Taiwan Jones Special Teams Play
2017-10-01 LeSean McCoy turns short pass into 17-yard gain
2017-10-01 Bills QB Tyrod Taylor floats in the pass to WR Jordan Matthews for the TD
2017-10-01 Can't-Miss Play: Bills QB Tyrod Taylor rolls out, throws a 44-yard bomb to TE Charles Clay
2017-10-01 Bills QB Tyrod Taylor takes on three defenders and gets the first down
2017-10-01 Can't-Miss Play: Buffalo Bills cornerback Tre'Davious White runs in TD on heads-up play after play is still live
2017-10-01 Bills S Micah Hyde gets up and picks off deep pass by Falcons QB Matt Ryan
2017-10-01 Bills kicker Steven Hauschka drills 56-yard FG to take the lead
2017-10-01 Tyrod Taylor completes 34-yard pass into double coverage
2017-10-01 Bills K Steven Hauschka nails clutch 55-yard FG
2017-10-01 Bills safety Micah Hyde picks off Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan for the second time
2017-10-01 Bills defense stops Matt Ryan on fourth down to ice the game
2017-10-01 Buffalo Bills vs. Atlanta Falcons highlights | Week 4
2017-10-01 Buffalo Bills defense highlights | Week 4
2017-10-01 Jerry Hughes: "Force Turnovers on the Road"
2017-10-01 Lorenzo Alexander: "Finding Ways to Win"
2017-10-01 Sean McDermott: "A Great Organizational Win"
2017-10-01 Watch: Sean McDermott's Postgame Speech
2017-10-01 Tyrod Taylor: "Guys Played for 60 Minutes"
2017-10-01 Tre'Davious White: "Total Team Effort"
2017-10-01 Stephen Hauschka: "This Team is Going Places"
2017-10-01 Watch: Bills Pull Off Huge Win in Atlanta
2017-10-02 Watch: Taking It Away
2017-10-02 Call of the Game: 4th Down Stop to Win the Game
2017-10-02 Are the Bills legit playoff contenders?
2017-10-02 Carubba Collision: Alexander hit on Kickoff
2017-10-02 Welcome to the Billevard!
2017-10-02 Welcome to the Fan Zone!
2017-10-02 Visit the Billevard and the Fan Zone!
2017-10-02 30 Blitz: Bills vs Falcons
2017-10-02 Sean McDermott: "That's What Winners Do"
2017-10-02 Leslie Frazier: "Hard Fought Win"
2017-10-02 Rick Dennison: "Another Step We Can Take"
2017-10-02 Are Bills true contenders in AFC East?
2017-10-03 Wired for Sound: Jordan Matthews
2017-10-03 Top 5 Throws | Week 4
2017-10-03 Life on the Sidelines: Mike Waufle
2017-10-04 Coffee With the Coach Presented by Tim Hortons
2017-10-04 Top 5 Player Performances | Week 4
2017-10-04 Sean McDermott: "Stay Focused"
2017-10-04 Underappreciated Storyline: Bills QB Tyrod Taylor
2017-10-04 Tyrod Taylor: "Keep Believing in One Another"
2017-10-04 Micah Hyde: "Total Defensive Effort"
2017-10-04 LeSean McCoy: "Have to Focus on Finishing Drives"
2017-10-04 Zay Jones: "We're Moving in the Right Direction"
2017-10-04 Watch: Passing Game Productivity, Hauschka Honored Again
2017-10-05 Preston Brown: A Cincinnati Success Story
2017-10-05 Eric Wood: "We Have a Long Way to Go"
2017-10-05 Preston Brown: All three phases working well
2017-10-05 Preston Brown: Having fun and playing fast
2017-10-05 Preston Brown: Taylor is one of the most lethal QBs in the NFL
2017-10-06 Preston Brown: "We're Always Gonna be the Underdog"
2017-10-06 Sean McDermott: "Room for Growth"
2017-10-06 Jerry Hughes: "Give it My All"
2017-10-06 Diamond in the Rough: K Stephen Hauschka
2017-10-06 Coming Soon: Bills vs Bengals
2017-10-07 Watch: Bills-Bengals Preview
2017-10-07 Bills Kick Off Play 60 and Fitness for Kids Challenges
2017-10-08 Bills DT Marcell Dareus sacks Andy Dalton
2017-10-08 QB turned tight end Logan Thomas makes his first NFL catch
2017-10-08 Bills S Micah Hyde now leads the NFL in interceptions this season
2017-10-08 Tyrod Taylor escapes pressure and finds McCoy for a first down
2017-10-08 Can't-Miss Play: Brandon Tate dives in heavy coverage for a Bills touchdown
2017-10-08 Bills S Jordan Poyer catches bounce off of A.J. Green's hands for an INT
2017-10-08 Bills LB Alexander Lorenzo forces fumble, Jordan Poyer scoops up ball
2017-10-08 Bills wide receiver Brandon Tate weaves upfield for a 40-yard punt return
2017-10-08 Buffalo Bills vs. Cincinnati Bengals highlights | Week 5
2017-10-08 McDermott: "We Have to Learn"
2017-10-08 Alexander: "We Have to do a Better Job Capitalizing"
2017-10-08 Taylor: "We Need to Come Out Stronger"
2017-10-08 McCoy: "We Need to Get it Done as a Whole"
2017-10-08 Watch: Bills Come Up Short in Cincinnati
2017-10-09 Watch: Bills Produce 3 Turnovers vs. Bengals
2017-10-09 Call of the Game: Taylor pass to Tate for a Touchdown
2017-10-09 Carubba Collision: Alexander Forced Fumble
2017-10-09 Sean McDermott: "Looking to Evolve"
2017-10-09 30 Blitz: Bills vs Bengals
2017-10-10 Life on the Sidelines: Rob Boras
2017-10-11 Coffee With the Coach Presented by Tim Hortons
2017-10-12 Safelite AutoGlass Ride Along with Lorenzo Alexander
2017-10-12 Watch: Best of Turnovers
2017-10-13 Watch: Best of Wired for Sound
2017-10-13 Diamond in the Rough: S Micah Hyde
2017-10-14 Watch: Best of Sacks
2017-10-15 Watch: Best Highlights from the First Five Games
2017-10-16 Bills and ECMC Partner for Crucial Catch Activities
2017-10-16 Leslie Frazier: "Our Guys are Excited"
2017-10-16 Sean McDermott: "Need to Improve"
2017-10-16 Jordan Matthews: "I Can't Wait to Get Back Out There"
2017-10-16 Watch: Matthews Day to Day; Henderson Back
2017-10-17 Seantrel Henderson: "Happy to be Back"
2017-10-17 Preston Brown: "Things We Need to Correct"
2017-10-17 Bond of Brothers
2017-10-18 Coffee With the Coach Presented by Tim Hortons
2017-10-18 Buccaneers vs. Bills Week 7 game preview
2017-10-18 Sean McDermott: "Room for Improvement"
2017-10-18 Watch: Bills Visit Hennepin Community Center
2017-10-18 Watch: Bills Visit Matt Urban Hope Center
2017-10-18 LeSean McCoy: "I Feel Confident"
2017-10-18 Tyrod Taylor: "Keep Moving Forward"
2017-10-18 White: "I Gotta Bounce Back"
2017-10-18 Watch: Matthews, Gaines, Johnson Return to Practice
2017-10-18 Watch: Bills Visit Crucial Catch Night
2017-10-18 Watch: Bills Visit Belle Center
2017-10-18 Watch: Bills Visit Northwest Buffalo Comm. Center
2017-10-19 Richie Incognito: "Execute on the Field"
2017-10-19 Kelly Tough at ECMC
2017-10-19 Leonard Johnson: "Come Out and Execute"
2017-10-19 Bills in the Community Day
2017-10-19 What’s the Scoop With Eddie Yarbrough
2017-10-20 Watch: Bills players show you how to wear a Yowie
2017-10-20 Sean McDermott: "Make Some Plays"
2017-10-20 Bills players reveal who inspires them to make the Crucial Catch
2017-10-20 Deonte Thompson: "I Can Run"
2017-10-21 Watch: Bucs vs Bills Preview
2017-10-21 Recap: Bills Celebrate Crucial Catch Week
2017-10-22 Brownie Point: Tyrod Taylor Eludes Pressure
2017-10-22 Brownie Point: Taiwan Jones Third Down Conversion
2017-10-22 Brownie Point: Poyer Endzone Pass Breakup
2017-10-22 Brownie Point: Khari Lee Block During Tolbert Run
2017-10-22 Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor runs for 26 yards
2017-10-22 Bills safety Jordan Poyer saves a touchdown with a diving block
2017-10-22 Bills RB LeSean McCoy shows speed on 23-yard run
2017-10-22 Bills RB LeSean McCoy gets his first TD of the season
2017-10-22 Ryan Davis sneaks up behind Jameis Winston, forces fumble with powerful strip sack
2017-10-22 Bills QB Tyrod Taylor launches deep to Deonte Thompson for a huge gain
2017-10-22 Bills LB Matt Milano gets his first NFL INT
2017-10-22 Andre Holmes stays in bounds, makes catch
2017-10-22 Bills WR Jordan Matthews gets a first down
2017-10-22 Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy runs for a first down
2017-10-22 Tyrod Taylor and Logan Thomas connect for a TD
2017-10-22 Bills QB Tyrod Taylor finds Nick O'Leary for a first down
2017-10-22 Bills RB LeSean McCoy ties the game with a TD run
2017-10-22 Bills CB Tre'Davious White comes up huge with a crucial forced fumble
2017-10-22 Bills RB Taiwan Jones breaks multiple tackles for a first down
2017-10-22 Bills kicker Steven Hauschka takes the lead with a field goal with 15 second left
2017-10-22 Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Buffalo Bills highlights | Week 7
2017-10-22 Tyrod Taylor Top 5 plays | Week 7
2017-10-22 LeSean McCoy highlights | Week 7
2017-10-22 Watch: Sean McDermott's Postgame Speech
2017-10-22 Tyrod Taylor: "Just Being Persistent"
2017-10-22 Sean McDermott: "Good Team Victory"
2017-10-22 McCoy: "It felt good to get in the endzone"
2017-10-22 White: "I wanna play a 100% perfect game"
2017-10-22 Alexander: "I was on the money today"
2017-10-22 Watch: McCoy Scores Twice as Bills Beat Bucs 30-27
2017-10-23 Watch:Run Game Back on Track
2017-10-23 Are the Buffalo Bills contenders in the AFC East?
2017-10-23 Call of the Game: Taylor to Thomas 22 yard Touchdown
2017-10-23 Carubba Collision: Johnson Pass Break Up
2017-10-23 30 Blitz: Bucs vs Bills
2017-10-23 Sean McDermott: "Embrace that Underdog Mentality"
2017-10-23 Rick Dennison: "Equal Balance of Running and Throwing"
2017-10-23 Leslie Frazier: "I Like the Way We Finished"
2017-10-24 Wired for Sound: LeSean McCoy
2017-10-24 Life on the Sidelines: Bob Babich
2017-10-25 Coffee With the Coach Presented by Tim Hortons
2017-10-25 Raiders vs. Bills Week 8 game preview
2017-10-25 Sean McDermott: "Sustaining Success"
2017-10-25 Bills Honor 50 Cancer Survivors Before Bucs Game
2017-10-25 Tyrod Taylor: "I Think We Took a Step As An Offense"
2017-10-25 LeSean McCoy: "I Think it's Headed in the Right Direction"
2017-10-25 Jordan Poyer: "I Want To Be Out There"
2017-10-25 Watch: Bills Strengthen Mental Toughness
2017-10-26 Preston Brown: "Find Ways to Keep Winning"
2017-10-26 Tre'Davious White: "Continue to Get Better"
2017-10-26 Going Incognito With Richie Incognito: Bills Store
2017-10-27 What's the Scoop with Jordan Matthews
2017-10-27 Watch: Sean McDermott Bucs Film Breakdown
2017-10-27 Sean McDermott: "Go Out And Execute"
2017-10-27 Diamond in the Rough: TE Logan Thomas
2017-10-27 Coming Soon: Raiders vs Bills
2017-10-28 Watch: Raiders vs Bills Preview
2017-10-29 Brownie Point: Brandon Tate 24 Yard Catch
2017-10-29 Brownie Point: Preston Brown Tipped Pass
2017-10-29 Brownie Point: Colton Schmidt Perfect Punt
2017-10-29 Brownie Point: Tyrod Taylor Finds Andre Holmes
2017-10-29 Bills RB LeSean McCoy shakes past defenders and picks up the first down
2017-10-29 Tyrod Taylor lofts perfect pass to Zay Jones, gains 22 yards
2017-10-29 Can't-Miss Play: Bills WR Andre Holmes catches perfect lob pass for toe-tap TD
2017-10-29 Bills punter Colton Schmidt booms punt to 1-yard line
2017-10-29 Can't-Miss Play: Ball lands in Bills LB Matt Milano's hands, who takes it to the house
2017-10-29 Bills LB Matt Milano strips the ball away from Jalen Richard, Bills recover
2017-10-29 Bills safety Micah Hyde intercepts Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr
2017-10-29 Bills WR Brandon Tate makes everybody miss, gains 24 yards
2017-10-29 Buffalo Bills wide receiver Andre Holmes beats the coverage, drags his feet to nab first down
2017-10-29 Bills S Trae Elston picks off Raiders QB Derek Carr
2017-10-29 Bills WR Jordan Matthews slices across the field on big third down
2017-10-29 Buffalo Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor Top 5 plays | Week 8
2017-10-29 Can't-Miss Play: Bills RB LeSean McCoy explodes up the middle for TD
2017-10-29 Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy highlights | Week 8
2017-10-29 Buffalo Bills defense highlights | Week 8
2017-10-29 Oakland Raiders vs. Buffalo Bills highlights | Week 8
2017-10-29 Watch: Sean McDermott's Postgame Speech
2017-10-29 LeSean McCoy: "We Play Together"
2017-10-29 Sean McDermott: "The Turnovers Were Big"
2017-10-29 Tyrod Taylor: "Our Fans Do a Great Job"
2017-10-29 Micah Hyde: "Next Man Up"
2017-10-29 Kyle Williams: "Keep Working"
2017-10-29 Watch: Turnovers Spark The Bills
2017-10-30 Cookie Gilchrist Wall of Fame Ceremony
2017-10-30 Watch: First Year Players Come Up Big
2017-10-30 LeSean McCoy: Buffalo Bills culture is changing into more 'winning culture'
2017-10-30 Call of the Game: Taylor to Holmes 6 Yard Touchdown Pass
2017-10-30 Carubba Collision: Hughes Tackle for Loss
2017-10-30 Are the Bills a serious contender in the AFC?
2017-10-30 Sean McDermott: "Continue to Evolve"
2017-10-30 30 Blitz: Raiders vs Bills
2017-10-31 Wired for Sound: Micah Hyde
2017-10-31 Jordan Matthews: "Everybody Making Big Plays"
2017-10-31 What have we learned at the midseason mark?
2017-10-31 Sean McDermott: "Great Opportunity"
2017-10-31 Bills Remember Officer Lehner During Tribute
2017-10-31 Toyota Rookie Club Brings Kids on Haunted Adventure
2017-10-31 LeSean McCoy: "Play Hard And Get A Win"
2017-10-31 Tyrod Taylor: "I'm Comfortable in This System"
2017-10-31 Poyer: "Turnovers are huge"
2017-10-31 Watch: Kelvin Benjamin Highlights
2017-10-31 Brandon Beane: "Win Today and to Win Tomorrow"
2017-10-31 Ranking the best NFL trade deadline deals of 2017
2017-10-31 Watch: Bills Acquire Benjamin, Prepare for Jets